Olympian Birthday Party

Olympian Birthday Party | Stay at Home MumAt an Olympian birthday party, everybody’s a gold medal winner! It’s easy to set up an activity filled party in your backyard or a local park to keep the kids entertained for the whole afternoon. This type of party works for both boys and girls of any age, although older kids may have more fun at one of these (8-12). From the invitations to the party favours, here are a few fun ideas to help you get started.

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Send out a call for Olympic competitors with specially tailored party invitations. You can play around with the start and end times by announcing them as “opening ceremonies” and “closing ceremonies” for the afternoon’s games. Use images of the Olympic torch and the Olympic rings to make it look official. For an extra touch, get some gold or silver stationery and roll it into torches, and then place the invitations inside, topping it all off with red or orange cellophane wrap.


While most countries spend billions of dollars on their Olympic stadiums, you can probably get by with a bit less. Start with a banner welcoming all the athletes, which can be painted on cardboard, paper, or just an old bed sheet. On each side of the banner, place a bouquet of balloons to make it more festive. You can either use Olympic colours or use the red, white, and blue of the Australian flag. In the backyard (or wherever the party is to be held), place more balloons and a few flags showing off your country’s colours.


Everybody’s going to be running around the whole party, and they’re sure to get hungry. Make sure you have enough food to keep everybody happy. Since this is an outdoor party, you may want to grill up some hotdogs or hamburgers. You can keep bowls of chips or vegetables with dip around on the tables for people to snack on.  Of course you could also bake a nice healthy muesli bars and tell the kids they are ‘protein’ bars.  Power shakes (chocolate milkshakes) is another idea!


Here’s where it gets fun. Following are a few fun Olympic games that you can plan for the kids. It helps if you divide everybody into equal teams at the beginning of the party, and you can even assign a country to each team, giving them shirts or bandanas with their country’s colours.

  • Discus throw: Have the kids throw a frisbee through a series of hula hoops. Set them at various distances and make each subsequent hoop worth more points. Have an adult assigned to each team to tally up the scores.
  • Shot put: Use a croquet ball and mark out the ground in lines every metre. Let the kids take turns throwing the ball and add up the scores.
  • Egg and spoon race: Measure out a race track and give every kid a spoon with an egg in it. You can use either real or plastic eggs. The goal is to get to the finish line without dropping your egg.


For the final finale, present your son or daughter with a gold medal cake. Simply bake a thin, round cake and colour it with gold icing. Write your child’s name on it and put a big #1 right in the centre.

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Party Favours

At the end of the games, once all the scores are tallied up, hand out the prizes. Make sure every team gets a prize, because nobody likes to walk away empty handed. You can give the winning team members the biggest prize, but try to make sure all the prizes are relatively equal. Instead of prizes, you could also give out medals or ribbons, which aren’t very expensive.


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