Birthday Parties for Boys

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Birthday Parties for Boys

Depending on how old your child is, the party plans might not change much based on gender. If you want something special though, here are a few fun ideas for a boy’s party.


This can be the cheapest part of the whole party. You can either have the celebration in your own backyard, or if that isn’t feasible you can plan it for a nearby park. With boys you need plenty of space for them to run around. A pool party is a great option too if the weather is warm!

Party Food for Boys

Hot dogs are always a big hit with primary school aged boys. They’re cheap and easy to make as well, making them the perfect party food. Some sausage rolls (with hidden veggies) and homemade pasta salad can complete the meal plan, giving you something that kids and adults will both enjoy.  Serving some noodles in a small cardboard noodle box can be a real treat too and won’t break the bank!

Parties for Boys | Stay at Home MumParty Games for Boys

No Party is complete without fun games, as much to occupy the kids as to give you a break! While a game of tag is as much as most boys need to stay occupied for hours, you can try this game out for a change of pace:

Split the kids up into two teams and blow up two balloons for each child. Place the balloons in two piles and have the kids line up in front of each pile. On “Go,” the kid at the front of the line grabs a balloon and passes is to the person behind him. It goes until it gets to the kid at the back of the line, who must sit on it and pop it. As soon as it pops, he runs to the front of the line and starts passing the next balloon. The team that pops all their balloons first wins.

Of course there is always water balloon bowling (make sure the guests bring a spare set of dry clothing), or a mini olympics would be fun.  If you have a swing set and a sandpit in your backyard you could make up an obstacle course!

Boy Themed Parties

  • Pirate Party – ARRGGHHHH  Have a eye patch and a treasure map for the backyard.
  • Superhero Party – as simple as masks and a cape – oh and they can wear their undies on the outside!
  • Construction Worker Party – Bring their hard hats and their overalls and lets get building!
  • Road Trucker Party (they all bring their bikes and ride around with truckers caps – I’ve watched too much Convoy)
  • Fireman Party – everyone wear red and get out the wellington boots – great fun in summer too – you can get out the old garden hose if you have plenty of water!
  • Space Party – this one could be tough – but making a space ship out of a large cardboard box will be a winner – costumes may require some imagination – but that’s the fun of it!

What are your ideas for a boy themed party?

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