Birthday Parties for Girls

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Birthday Parties for Girls

When it comes to planning kids birthday parties, you really need to take into account what the kids want more than anything. Do they care if you spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect decorations and party games? No. They want cake, and lots of it. Because of that, it’s actually a lot easier than you would think to plan a kids party on a budget.

Planning a party for a girl can be a little more difficult, but it’s still fun nonetheless.


Without sounding stereotypical, indoors is a better choice for most girls (although some like to run around as much as the boys). If you have a large lounge or dining room in your house you can host the party there. If not, a back deck is a good choice.  Other locations (that may be a bit more expensive) could include your local skating rink or your local gymnastics club.


One of the best idea’s for food at a girl’s party is do-it-yourself baking fun. Bake a batch of brownies or muffins and then set up a table (outside! Unless you love cleaning messes) and let the girls decorate with icing, sprinkles, and toppings. Use small squeeze tubes and coloured icing so that they can draw designs.  Add some different shaped and size lollies so they can make funny faces on the cakes and maybe some popcorn for hair!

Parties For GirlsGrab some butterfly shaped cookie cutters and cut out fairy bread – gorgeous!  Pink lemonade is nice and easy – especially if you serve it with colourful straws or little umbrella’s.


This will change a lot depending on the ages of the girls attending. Girls 6 and under would have a lot of fun with a stuffed animal party. Let everybody bring their own favorite doll or stuffed animal. It’s easy, fun, and quiet. If they’re older than 6, get some inexpensive hula hoops and let all the girls learn how to play with them!  Musical statue’s or musical chairs is a little girls favourite and super easy to do!  Girls equally love pool parties – and there’s lots of games to be had there – remember Marco Polo?

Themed Party Ideas

  • Princess Party
  • High Tea Party
  • Fairy Garden Party
  • Craft Party – if you are into beading or jewellery making – buy some cheap beads and have them laid out on the table – best of all they get to take their creation home with them to show it off!
  • Disco Party – get our the hair crimper and the 70’s music – dim the lights (or cover them with coloured cellophane)!
  • Gymnastics Party – it might be quite cheap to hire out your local gymnastics club for a couple of hours – and boys will enjoy this party too!
  • Cooking Party – maybe make pizza’s or cupcakes, or both and then enjoy the fruits of their labour!

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