Superhero Birthday Party

Super Hero Birthday Party | Stay at Home MumFor super parents with super kids, nothing fits the bill better than a fun, action filled superhero party. The great thing about this theme is that it works for kids of all ages, from toddler up until 12 or 13. There’s something about the glory and honor of a superhero that kids just seem to love, from the flashy costumes to the ultra cool headquarters. With the right starting point, you can turn your home into a haven where no villain will dare to tread.


The invitations are important because they set the theme for the party. My kids love Batman, so one idea could be to use Batman masks as the invitations. Write all of the information on the inside, including the date, time, and location of the party, and leave the other side completely black. Cut them out in the shape of a mask and tie an elastic band to each side. Then, the guest can come already dressed up and ready to fight crime.


You can either choose to center on one specific superhero, or just go for a general superhero theme. If you don’t know which hero to pick, ask your son who is favourite is. Then, begin by getting all the decorations in that specific superhero colour. For Superman use red and blue, Batman is black and yellow, the Green Lantern is green and black, and the Fantastic Four are blue. You can even go so far as to turn your living room into a Batcave, or make a red phone booth out of cardboard (for Superman).


You can do practically anything with the snacks, since fighting crime will give you an appetite for all types of food. Make it fun and silly, because that’s what comic books are all about. For a Batman party, you could label the chip bowl as the “Batbowl,” the cups as “Batcups,” and the carrot sticks and dip as “Evidence Exhibit A.”


What do superheroes do more than anything else? They fight bad guys and they train. Start off the afternoon with a Superhero Training Camp, to certify all the guests as honorary superheroes. Then have each game count as a mission. Hot Kryptonite (hot potato), Mr. Freeze Dance (musical chairs), or a villain treasure hunt are all great games. If you want to go the extra mile, you can have your husband or an older sibling dress as a villain and come out for the grand finale.


If you’re pressed for time, you’ll have no trouble finding a superhero themed cake at any of your local stores, but think about making your own. It will save money and will make the birthday even more special for your son. Much like the regular decorations, you can bake a simple round cake and ice it with the colours of your son’s favourite superhero. The logo might take some work, but most of them are fairly simple.  Cake toppers are a great option too!

Party Favours

Don’t forget to send your guests off on a good note! A small gift bag filled with candy is an easy gesture to make, but it makes a great impression. Sticking with your hero theme, you can just fill it with candy beans of the right colours – red and blue, black and yellow, green and black, etc. Superhero stickers are inexpensive as well and, well, who doesn’t love stickers?!

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