10 Party Hosting Tips to Prevent You from Losing Your Mind

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10 Party Hosting Tips to Prevent You from Losing Your Mind

Or as I like to call it, Ten Party Planning Tips To Prevent You From Losing Your Mind Or Cancelling The Damned Thing Two Days Before The Event Due To A Possible Stomach Ulcer From Stress.

Party planning can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be a lot of stress. There are so many things that can go wrong poor weather; late RSVP’s; last-minute cancellations; forgotten birthday cakes.  I’ve had a lot of experience in the party planning department, both good and bad, and while this post is sponsored by our partner, Haier, the tips are from me and the gals at SAHM,- based on our experiences. And no, it wasn’t a stomach ulcer in the end. But the doctor gave me some great pills anyway.

1. Narrow it Down with a Theme

Regardless of what kind of party (an adult BBQ, a kid’s birthday, graduation), it’s always nice to have some sort of theme to work with, whether this is really specific (we’re in the process of planning a 30th Game of Thrones party) or not. If you don’t want to go with a theme, then choose a colour scheme (two or three colours) to stick to. This makes buying tablecloths, cups, platters, plates, etc. a little easier.

2. Plan a Few Simple Dishes that Will Freeze Well or are Easy to Prepare

It’s not a party without food. Well, at least it’s not a fun party without it. Your food selection can make or break your party but you don’t want to spend your socialising time prepping the food. We’ve got heaps of easy party foods for adults and kids; however, it all depends on where you are having the party and how you plan on storing it in advance.

3. Use Your Fridge to Its Full Potential

Having the right equipment can really make a difference when entertaining. We have the Haier French Door Fridge which comes with a large pull out freezer, suitable for stacking pre-made dishes and casseroles as well as a small pull out drawer for smaller items. The fridge comes with tall shelves for things like soft drinks and juice as well as foldable wine racks. There is plenty of space to store pre-made salads, sandwich platters and more. The smaller shelves are perfect for juices for the kids, for jelly cups and for dips.

 4. Keep Invites and Party Favours As Simple as Possible

Yes, it can be fun to create invitations from scratch but it is also a lot of work and if you are under a deadline and working with little time, then you can get pretty much everything you need in terms of party favours online. Design a picture on your computer, send a Facebook Event Invite and you’re done. Have a browse online for various templates you can get for the decorations and party favours. You will be surprised at what you will find.

5. Hide the Things You Don’t Want Broken

If you are having the party at your house, it is best to take all the things you like, and hide them in your bedroom, you know, just in case. This is especially necessary if you have kids. I’m not saying that the kids will hide your favourite shoes or accidently urinate on your expensive lounge room rug. But I am also not saying they won’t. Because it has happened.


 6. Then, Put Out the Things You May Need

I always have a bucket of things that we will most likely need during or after the party, at some stage. Towels, extra clothes, swimmers and wipes when the kids have parties. Because someone always pulls out the hose or has an accident in their pants and it’s easier to have these things outside rather than dig through the drawers in the middle of the party.

I also always have the cake knife, candles, sparklers and a lighter in a special container, ready for cake time. Because nothing quite ruins the build up to the “Happy Birthday” song like “where’s the bloody lighter?” at the start.

 7. Delegate, if Possible

If you have people offering to help, then take it! Maybe your mum would be happy to bake up a batch of cupcakes before the day? Or, if you are strapped for time, hire someone to help. You can get professionals to help with just about everything party planning wise. It just depends on your budget

8. But Triple Check the Order of Things

True story: I ordered an Ironman cake for my Ironman obsessed four-year-old two weeks in advance last birthday. I received a confirmation email the week before pick up so assumed it would be made. But, on our way to the party at a hired venue (late, of course), as I stopped to pick up the cake, I discovered they hadn’t made it. There was no time to do anything but run into the grocery store and grab one of those pre-made cakes, all the while cursing the bakery and trying to resist the urge to make a detour to the Bottle-O at 9:30am. The moral of the story if you are delegating, follow up diligently.

9. Create a Pre-Made Song List

Music is always fun at a party, regardless of whether you are entertaining a troop of five-year-olds or a round of adults. Spend a few minutes before the party pre-recording a playlist through your music software of choice. You can upload it to a USB and play it from your TV to make it louder if you don’t have great speakers on your computer.

Or, you can also create a playlist through YouTube which not only features the music, but also the videos. A little visual stimulation in the background perhaps? It’s like your own personal music festival.

But without the thousands of sweaty people trying to touch the performer’s crotch.

1o. Always Buy Beverages

Something about having a beverage when socialising”¦ they just go hand in hand. We always buy a carton of beer and at least three bottles of wine, which fit perfectly in our Haier French Door Fridge, for an afternoon or evening party as well as poppers and soft drinks for the kids. It is always nice to go to an event and be offered a drink, regardless of whether it’s coffee for a kid’s birthday in the morning or a cold beer for an afternoon barbeque with friends.

And, if everything goes to hell, then at least you have cold wine waiting for you in the fridge.


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