Traditional Kids Party Food

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Traditional Kids Party Food

So your little one’s birthday is coming up and your considering a birthday party!  With a little preparation (and patience) you can have a wonderful birthday for your child to remember for a lifetime without  breaking the bank!  One of the biggest facets of kids party preparations is the food.  Nowadays with the prevalence food allergies and sensitivities it is a good idea to include traditional favourites, but have a few options that suit the kids but so all can enjoy!  Here are the traditional favourites:

Sausage Rolls

A party staple, these are usually the first to go! You can either make them yourself, (check out our recipe here) which is a lot easier than you think, or you can grab them from the freezer section of your local supermarket. Don’t forget the tomato sauce and plenty of napkins! If your bored with standard sausage rolls, you could try a chicken and vegetable version – or a totally nut free version.  Gluten Free pastry isn’t hard to make either but you will need to make it fresh on the day (and you may not need the stress!).

Fairy Bread

So simple, its become tradition in my house for my husband to do this one! Soft, fresh white bread is best, spread with butter or margarine and sprinkle liberally with your choice of 100’s and 1000’s, fairy sprinkles, chocolate royals etc. Cut out shapes with shape cutters or simply cut half of the crusts off.

Traditional Kids Party CuisineParty Pies

There is nothing more popular at a kids party, especially amongst the adults, than a good party pie. You can make them yourself, but they tend to be time-consuming and are usually a lot cheaper to buy from the supermarket. Serve them warm, usually together with the sausage rolls, and with a bottle of tomato sauce. Stand back and watch, everyone has their own unique way to eat a party pie!


Five minutes and you’ve got a fresh, healthy snack that you can either serve in small bags or in large bowls. Find our recipe for Microwave popcorn here and a not-so-healthy Candied Popcorn here.


Serve up fruit in a fun way and the kids will demolish it. Fruit kebabs, fruity shapes or fruit with yoghurt dips will make sure your guests have something a little healthy.


In all shapes and sizes decorated to suit your theme, cupcakes can be whipped up from a packet or using a simple recipe like this one!

Honey Joys and Chocolate Crackles

A kids party is simply not a kids party without these two. Find some funky patty pans that match your theme and whip up these easy, tasty treats the morning of the party! SAHM have recipes for Chocolate Crackles (click here)  and Honey Joys (click here).

Don’t forget the usual, quick, “in-a-bowl” treats, such as potato chips, shape biscuits, burger rings and pretzels and you’ll have all you need to cater for a kids party, old school style!



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