Wild West Birthday Party

Wild West Birthday Party | Stay at Home MumThere are few things kids love more than cowboys, and a perfect party idea for a 5 or 6 year old is a Wild West birthday party. With the right games, decorations, and food, you can bring the wild west right into your backyard. In case you haven’t watched any John Wayne movies recently, here are a couple ideas to help you get started with the essentials.

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The west wouldn’t have been wild without its nefarious outlaws, and you can make some simple “WANTED” posters for your invitations. Get some light brown paper and print out a simple poster on the front. “WANTED” in big letters at the top, and then a picture underneath of some cowboy or outlaw (use Google to find the picture). Below the picture, think of something fun to say to get everybody interested. You could say something like, “Crazy Rick has robbed the town bank! Sheriff Jimmy (your son’s name) is roundin’ up a posse to hunt him down!”

On the back you can put the directions to the house and the start and end times for the party.  If you only have white paper, dip the finished invitation in some tea and scrunch it up – instant old world looking invitation!


Decorations for a cowboy themed birthday party usually go along the lines of old western town or saloon. You can rig up some cardboard saloon doors to swing open and put them on your front door or fence gate. Spread a couple bales of hay around the yard and get some simple red and white checkerboard tablecloths to cover the tables.


This is a great time to get out the ol’ BBQ. Think ribs and snags!  If your son’s birthday is during the winter or if it’s raining outside, you can make some hotdogs inside with potato salad and baked beans. You really have a lot of free reign when it comes to the food at a cowboy party, so if you’re on a budget you can just get whatever is on sale at the time to save on the party expenses.


Panning for gold is always fun. Fill a kiddy pool with a few kilos of sand and then use gold spray paint on small rocks and mix them in with the sand. Cover everything with water, and hand out cheap aluminium pie pans with holes cut in them. If you don’t have a kiddy pool already you may want to skip this to cut down on costs, but it’s a lot of fun if you do have one.

Pin the badge on the sheriff is a great twist on the typical pin the tail on the donkey game.


A fun cake idea for a cowboy birthday party is a corral cake. Bake a regular round cake and cover it with white icing. Then make a fence around the edge using pretzel sticks held together with frosting. Inside, you can use green icing to make grass, blue for a water trough, and put some toy horses in the corral to finish it off.

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Party Favours

Send your guests away with a thank you and a goody bag to end the festivities. A simple thank you card goes a long way with the parents, and you can even write a personalized note on each one thanking them for each specific gift. Cowboy stickers are cheap and make great gifts to fill out the favour bag.  Plastic water guns are also a great idea and fit in with the theme!


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