17 Touching Pictures That Show What Motherhood Really MeansOh this one gets you right in the feels!

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There is no single picture on earth that can define motherhood totally accurately.

However, a series of pictures will help us understand that across different countries, different cultures, and different languages, motherhood, at its very core, remains essentially the same. Across the world, mums experience the same highs and lows – the things that make motherhood beautiful.

Warning: These photos will make your ovaries ache.


1. Motherhood means having fun.

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2. And stepping on each other’s toes…occasionally…err, ok a lot of times.

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3. Motherhood means hanging out with a potty-training toddler.

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4. And literally giving a child a part of yourself.

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5. Because every mum would do anything for her child.

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6. Motherhood is not all fun and games.

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7. But mothering isn’t all tears and sacrifices either!

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8. Motherhood means finding peace in little things like afternoon naps.

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9. And coming into terms with a lack of peace outside of naps.

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10. Whether it’s enclosing each other in a tender embrace…

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11. Or a simple but strong holding of hands…

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12. Together, we’ll find ways to soar!

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13. Motherhood is messy. Plain, honest, brutal mess.

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14. Motherhood means putting up with the craziest of antics.

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15. But it also means making lovely, lovely memories.

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16. And making more…A mother’s heart always has room for more love.

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17. Because at the end of the day, a mother will go to great lengths for the sake of this love.

A mother of Dong people who carries her children to the village. Photograped 1988
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What does motherhood mean to you?

17 Touching Pictures That Show What Motherhood Really Means

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