Mum Imposes ‘Bath Ban’ For Her Husband As She Refuses To Let Him Bathe Their Daughter...because they have 'different body parts'

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  • Mum Imposes ‘Bath Ban’ For Her Husband As She Refuses To Let Him Bathe Their Daughter

A mother has imposed a ‘bath ban’ for her husband as she refuses to let him bathe their young daughters ‘because they have different body parts’.

The mother, from Queensland, took to social media to talk about her ‘bath ban’ that has sparked criticism from people online.


She said that her husband was offended by her refusal to allow him to bathe their young daughters, but said that she has no problem with him washing their son. She wrote:

“So hubby is upset with me because I have told him that I don’t (want him to) wash our two daughters in the bath or shower.

“I just don’t feel comfortable for a man to do this.

“I just believe that girls should be getting washed by their mothers and boys get the same from their fathers.

“It’s just got to do with the fact that mum and daughters have the same parts, same goes for men and their sons.”

The mother added that she just wanted to protect her daughters.

“Hubby thinks I think ill of him, but it’s always been this way for me.

“People play the “I was molested card” so very often these days, I just don’t want in any way to give my kids the chance to even think about that,” she said.

Her post has earned the ire of most people on social media saying she’s ‘sexualising bath time’ with the kids.

“What about single parents? Should they not bath their son or daughters in case they molested them?,” a mother said.

A man also commented: “You have more than a few screws loose, you shouldn’t even be thinking like that putting your partner in the same category as a child sex predator.”


So, what do you think about this mum’s ‘bath ban’?

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