Mum Still Produces Breast Milk 11 Years After She Stopped Breastfeeding

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  • Mum Still Produces Breast Milk 11 Years After She Stopped Breastfeeding

A mother has revealed that she has never stopped producing breast milk, 11 years after she gave birth to her youngest daughter.

A 51-year-old mother has shared the struggles of producing milk for a long time even after she stopped breastfeeding her fourth and last baby, her four-month-old daughter, when she was 40.

Although the mother said that she had ‘reasonable’ supply of breast milk, she can’t describe herself as a ‘super producer.’

“My breasts didn’t complain a jot when I stopped. They didn’t get engorged or sore, they weren’t tender or lumpy,” she said.

She said that she expected her breastmilk would dry up in a few days or weeks, but 11 years later, now peri-menopausal, and her youngest daughter will start high school soon, she said she never stopped producing breast milk.

“I first noticed this a year after my breastfeeding journey was over when a hot shower brought forth some milk, much as it had done when I was feeding a baby,” she said.

Mum Still Produces Breast Milk 11 Years After She Stopped Breastfeeding | Stay at Home Mum

The working mother-of-four didn’t give it much thought until a year later when curiosity bit her. “I gave my nipple a squeeze. Sure enough, milk squirted out just as if I was cradling a newborn in arms,” she said.

So, she googled her condition but results didn’t bring her any closer to an answer, as all explanations assured that milk would take 7-10 days to dry up, and “could take a couple of weeks”.

Four years passed before she thought about going to a doctor but all she got was, “You’re stressed.”

Around two or three years after, she met some counselors from the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and told them about her ordeal, and they suggested to have her thyroid checked for “hypothyroidism” and Graves’ disease, but results showed her thyroid was fine.

Last year, 10 years after stopping breastfeeding, she went to see another doctor who told her it was “just one of those things”. She said that the doctor suggested she would have to wait until she’ll menopause before her condition to possibly stop.

Just a few days ago, the mother said she tried squeezing her breast again and felt disappointed then relieved. “A couple of days ago, in the name of research, I squeezed my breast again. Nothing happened and I felt a surge of disappointment. However yesterday I tried again. Sure enough, and strangely to my enormous relief, breast milk dribbled out,” she said.

While she continues to find answers for her condition, for now, she says it would be the least of her problems. “Tonight, I have to fill in the high school forms to secure a place for my youngest daughter, and plan my eldest’s 21st birthday party,” she said.


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