Double Delights – The Birth Part 1

Double Delights – The Birth Part 1

Now as sarcastic as the title sounds it really was my best and by far the easiest birth I have had, and I have had it about anyway you can.

The whole time I was pregnant twin one was the one sitting lowest so I was told and on the left, twin 2 was on the right. In every single scan and these were every 4 weeks then every 2weeks from 6 months. Oh yes with twins I got to spend a lot of time with my Ob/Gyn. Well every scan we had twin 1 was head down and twin two was head up.

I discussed birth options with my doctor early. It went kind of like this, ” Im not having another cesarean so let’s do everything we can to make sure I don’t.” his reply ” good cause I wasn’t going to offer you one.” He’s straight forward but he’s good. Me I’m straight forward too so we get along well.

Well I found out to have these babies naturally I needed the lowest twins to be head down and the other could be any bloody place it wanted really. So I paid attention all the way along and sure enough baby 1 stayed right where it was supposed to. I had a sizing scan for weights done at 32 weeks and all was good. Twin 1 was head down and jammed in my pelvis and twin 2 was breech but in a good position. They were a little on the small side of 4 pounds so needed to keep them a little while longer. A week or so later twin 2 kicked the crap out of twin one until my belly gave and almighty roll and then they stopped. I didn’t think anything of it. I went for another sizing scan at 34 weeks and the ditsy girl who did my scan tells me twin one is breech on the left and twin two is head first on the right. Well understandably I told her she didn’t know what she was talking about and how the hell did she think two babies at 33 weeks could just swap position. And then I remembered the late night wrestle and cried. All this time and now they were upside down and wouldn’t come out like that 🙁

So off I went for a Ob visit and he said oh we’ll we will wait until you go into labour and see. So 2 weeks later after another late night wrestle I went into labour at 3am. I got to the hospital and you guessed it my Ob had gone away so I had a locum. This woman says what positions are the babies in and I reply I dont know. Well of all the aren’t you a dumb cow looks I have ever gotten this one tips them. So I cpgo to explain in detail exactly why I don’t know and she apologizes and send for an ultrasound. Sure enough my little darlings had swapped positions again. At 36 weeks two babies had completely turned again. No wonder my ribs were bruised. But at the hospital and contracting regularly here is where the fun begins.

Stay tuned for part 2 the birth.

 Thank you to Tam K for submitting half of her wonderful twin birth story!

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