Double Delights – The Birth Part 2

Double Delights – The Birth Part 2

So where were we?

At the hospital, went in to labour at about 3 am, arrived at the hospital at 5:30 to a midwife who had had ample opportunity to get ready for us. She says we think we should fly you out to the capital city hospital. Which might I add is 600km away. Hmmm why? Because the ultrasound says babies are 4 1/2 pounds and 5 pounds and at 4 weeks early might need assistance. Okay I say, but let’s see what the Doctor says as I really don’t want to go 600 km away from my husband and other 2 children if everything looks good. Well with that she huffed and left the room.

In comes the Ob and the Pediatrician, they poke, prod and discuss, babies are healthy, mum is healthy, I told them my concerns and neither of them had an issue with me delivering the twins and flying out if they were to small. Only a 50min flight so we are all happy. Except umm the very red midwife who was not happy. They all head out to the hallway to organise paper work and hubby and I are left alone. He wants to discuss the impending bundles and me I want to listen into the conversation in the hallway between contractions. He may have got told to shut up. The midwife was in the hall arguing with doctors and calling RFDS to be ready for us. Me not happy.

Off we go to delivery, my back is getting sore and I ask the doctor can I get an epidural? Oh you have plenty of time for that she says your only 3cm. Famous last words. 30 minutes later I got checked and I was 8cm and it was to late. Yay. 5 minutes later I tell the lovely midwife I need to push, Don’t be ridiculous I just checked and your only 8cm. Right. In comes doctor I tell her I have to push. Midwife interrupts, and repeats that I’m not ready. Oh well Doctor wanted to check anyway. Midwife is still arguing at this point that I need to be transferred. Pfft news for you honey.

Oh yes says the doctor your fully dilated and well engage push when you need to. Well the midwife hits the roof and starts running around squealing she’s not ready yet. Huh? 3 1/2 hours notice and she isn’t ready? She needs another kit, another bed, another heater, the lot for delivering twins. She was that set on transferring me she didn’t even get the labour room ready.

I may have been heard to laugh at this time. It was simply ridiculous. So away we go to deliver baby number one with nothing but the gas. Hubby is sitting quietly in the corner passing me a drink between contractions and understandably I’m in pain. I have previously had a c section and an induced epidural birth do this one caught hubby off guard. He asks is this normal, and the lovely midwife bites his head off. This is natural child birth, she hasn’t had natural child birth before this is how it goes and storms off. Well he sat back in his corner after that. I was not in a position to tell her what for.

15 minutes of pushing and discarding the gas because I was afraid of breaking my teeth biting down on the plastic tube. That is a crystal clear though I remember having and funnily enough that thought scared me. Also thankfully there was a nurse change in there somewhere and my lovely midwife went home. No more negative nelly. My little boy came head first into this world. I was expecting him to be whisked away because of the weight and premmie issues and was so surprised to have him placed on my belly for our first cuddle. He was perfect and after 2 girls I triple checked yes he was a boy.

They took my little boy off for his checks and I drifted off for a few minutes. Next minute the doctor is asking if I would like to attempt to turn baby 2. Hmmm good plan has to beat breech right? Omg no no no. The pain I screamed and she said no no no we will do breech.

So she sits down and says ok you need to listen carefully and do as I tell you. Yeah yeah yeah I’m sleeping. No she says do as your told or you could end up with a c section. Oh yes she had my attention now. So she told me to push and I did as I was told. One push and my little girl was out to the shoulders. Hubby at this point was over in the corner of the room as he had no idea if he should be with his son or his wife and his unborn child. He looks over and tells me it is the funniest thing he has ever seen. A pair of tiny legs between a pair of legs. I’m sure you get the picture.

One more push and she was born. We also had a lovely cuddle before she got taken away and as quick as that it was over. The doc tells me my little girl is special and a single footling breech. Ok I say was she supposed to be 2 feet first? No bottom first she says. Well my little girl started ass about face and has continued that trend. As for the preemie issues and weight issues. They were both perfect, my little boy was 6 pound 1/2 and ounce and my little girl was 5 pound 13 ounces. They were huge for 4 weeks early.

So if I had have gotten on that flight they would have been born somewhere over the outback and in flight birth was not my idea of fun. And yes for all those wondering I did find that nurse give her what for and told the head of maternity her attitude sucks. Hopefully I saved someone else from that sort of treatment.

A 4 and a 1/2 hour labour, no meds, no stitches, and two perfect bundles who breastfed well from day one and this is why even with the bump I class as my best birth. If they could promise me they would all be this quick and easy I would have another any day.

Thanks to Tam for sharing her twin birth story!


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