Online Trolls Totes Jelly Over Simple Engagement Ring

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Get a life trolls!

Online Trolls have bagged the crap out of some poor lady because she has a minimalist diamond engagement ring.

Some of the extremely rude comments from troll online included:

“Why even bother having a diamond there?”

“So take that keyring off your finger and show us the ring you ordered online,” another said.

“It’s so pitiful, I just can’t. It’s too sad,” another said.

“I have assembled my colleagues of world class physicists and astronomers, we are building new instrumentation so we can see your f****** ring,” another said.

“All I can think is paper clip,” said another person.

“I guess neither of you want anyone to know you’re engaged huh,” said another.


We are guessing the trolls have never received a declaration of marriage, or a gorgeous ring like the one this lady received.

The 14.4k ring, with a 14k Solid Gold Diamond Band, is available via Etsy, and comes in rose gold, gold and yellow gold. It costs a nifty $132.


We here at Stay at Home Mum personally think the ring is gorgeous.

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