Parenting Hacks Part 2

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Parenting Hacks Part 2

They’ re back! Life hacks are all the rage these days. What are they you ask? Life hacks are little ways to make our lives easier. As parents we are always making up life hacks, just to get through the day. But for those of us too busy to even have time to look up parenting life hacks, we’ve put together some of the best to help you, and here is Part 2!

Getting ready for school

Parenting Hacks Part 2

  • Freeze a week’s worth of sandwiches on Sunday night to make mornings run smoothly. See our post all about it here.
  • Getting ready in the morning is crazy time in most houses. To give yourself a head start, lay out uniforms and have lunch boxes packed and ready minus sandwich and drink the night before.
  • Have a battle on your hands getting the kids moving in the morning? Try Race to get Ready, an excellent motivating game where whoever gets completely ready first gets a tally point and a prize is awarded for kid with most points at the end of the week.
  • Be organized with snack food. If you buy in bulk, store snack items in ready to go portions for easy access when packing lunch. Use a cheap set of plastic draws inside the pantry and/or fridge to separate snacks into categories and make building a healthy and varied lunch box a brainless task.
  •  School socks! Households all over world, all struggling with their hundreds-of-pairs-of-same-colour-but-just-slightly-different-size schools socks. Sew a small spot of coloured cotton on each sock on purchase and allocate each child a different colour.
  • Or, use the dot method to identify clothing if you have more than one child. Oldest child gets one dot on the tag, second two dots etc.
  • Help your child learn to put shoes on the right foot. Cut a sticker in half and stick to inner soles of your child’s shoes.

Babies and Toddlers

  • Make a toddler proof cup on the go – use a pen or key to make a small hole in the lid of a store bought juice or milk bottle and add a straw.
  • Sore boobs when breastfeeding? Use disposable nappy to cool engorged breasts, just wet and chill in the freezer for perfectly shaped relief.
  • Wash teats, dummies and other small items in a mesh bag in dishwasher to stop them falling on element or getting damaged.
  • Use takeaway sauce containers to keep dummies clean in your handbag.
  • Re-purpose a large pump dispenser to fill water balloons.
  • Make sparklers safe. Thread the bottom of a sparkler into an upside down plastic cup so kids can safely hold the sparkler with their hand inside the cup.
  • Keep toddlers safe without a playpen. Use an inflatable pool or if out in the yard, put them in a portacot with a fitted cot sheet over the top to protect them from sun and flying bugs.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and water together to make doll hairspray and detangling magic.
  • Parenting Hacks Part 2Use a glue gun to plug holes in bath toys and stop them getting mouldy.
  • Tie and wind a sarong around cot top rails to stop bite marks and to protect teeth.
  • Cheap plastic dress-up shoes are so slippery! Apply glue to soles using a glue gun to create a non-slip surface.
  • Make up some takeaway containers with activities like mini figurines or crayons and paper and only bring out the special boxes at ‘witching hour’ to help you get through dinner time madness.
  • Recycle an old wallet in to a busy wallet. Fill with stickers, paper and a pen to occupy your kids while waiting at restaurants or the doctors.
  • Take your baby bath to the beach and put in some of the ocean so your baby doesn’t have to miss out on splashing around. Always supervise children in water.
  • Use patty cases as drip trays for ice blocks on sticks by poking the stick through the patty case to keep hands less sticky.
  • Use a shower curtain or puppy wee pads to make toilet training less of a nightmare. Make up your toddlers bed with either a shower curtain or puppy wee pads under the fitted sheet and for extra efficiency in the middle of the night, repeat the layers so you can just whip off the top sheet and protective layer and the bed will already be made again.


  • Put a drop of essential oil inside the toilet roll to make your bathroom smell fresh all the time.
  • Mark a line on the wall under the toilet paper to teach your kids how much is enough when using toilet paper.


  • Write reminders on washing machine with a whiteboard marker to save dryer disasters, eg. don’t put red top in dryer!
  • Change the way you make the kids beds, have no top sheet and wash the doona still in the cover every two weeks and bottom sheet every week. The top sheet never gets used anyway!

What are your top parenting life hacks? Which one of ours are you trying out today?

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