10 of the Most Frustrating Things About Being a Mum

From finding an old bottle of milk to scrubbing the toilets, what are some of the things that kind of blow about being a mum?

We’ve gathered a few of our thoughts – any of these ring true?


1. Head Lice

Holy Jebus! Have you ever experienced head lice before? Not fun. And the fear that accompanies it anytime my daughter scratches her head. Gah! Just thinking about the little head clingers makes my skin crawl.

2. Scrubbing the Toilets and then Two Seconds Later, the Kids Deciding they Need to Poo

What is up with this? Why is it that as soon as I finish cleaning the bathroom, my kids decide they need to empty their bowels? How do their bowels know that the toilet has just been cleaned? Why do their bowels want to destroy my hard work?

Child On The Toilet
Damn You Child Bowels!

3. Oats – Sticky Sticky Sticky Oats

Every morning, I battle with oats. Because my kids love them. But they have got to be the hardest thing to clean up after. They stick to the cloth and then the cloth just spreads the damned things around. I find oats dried to the back of the chairs, the tiles, my daughter’s hair. Bloody oats. And if you miss ‘the window’ of cleaning up the oats, they stick like superglue. Super powered sticky hard oats.

Baby eating the oatmeal
Enjoy Now… Ruin Life Forever.

4. Not Being Able to Jump on a Trampoline

Because you will most likely pee your pants.

The end.

Full length of a happy family jumping high on trampoline in the park 

5. This Sorry Shoe Situation

Where are the other shoes? Seriously. Where do the right foot shoes even go?

My daughter's shoe collection.... Seriously.
My daughter’s shoe collection…. Seriously.

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