10 of the Most Frustrating Things About Being a Mum

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10 of the Most Frustrating Things About Being a Mum


Little pieces of LEGO. No matter how many times I check the floor, they come rolling out of their hiding places at night. Little heads. Little trophies. Little trees. Little propellers. All of which love to embed into my foot.

lego meme

7. Finding a Bottle with Milk behind the Bed Three Days Later

And deciding whether to actually clean it or just give up on it and throw it in the bin. Usually, I go for the latter. That three day old milk smell and texture, it’s just too much.

Baby bottle with milk on towel background
MMMMM…three day old chunky milk

8. Having to Watch any Movie with a PG Rating or Higher Over Two Nights

Because hubby and I can’t manage to stay up past 9:30 pm. And if we do, then we regret it the next day at 5:00am when the kids are wide awake and ready for the day. So we watch half a movie Friday night after the kids go to bed”¦and the other half Saturday night, once again, when the kids have gone to bed. Or having to ‘pause’ the movie because a child wants something. ‘I need a drink’ or ‘I need to wee’. I once paused a movie 13 times in the first 3 minutes – true story.

Movie Night
That’s how we role

9. Gastro

My kids get sick all the time, but it’s the gastro bug that leaves me wishing I could run away for the next 48 hours. Because not only is it awful watching your child suffer and cleaning up the vomit-soaked towels, bed sheets, couch cushions, buckets, cloths and walls, but there is also a pretty good chance you’ll be struck down with it in the next couple of days as well. And any meal you eat for the next week, kind of feels like a messed-up game of playing Russian Roulette. When will the gastro set in and which meal will be the lucky one to come back up?

vomit meme

Travel sickness also sucks.

10. Having to Share Dessert”¦or eating it in the darkest corner of your closet so your kids don’t catch you

It’s how all the cool parents eat their chocolate.

sharing dessert meme

What am I missing? Please share the things that drive you just a little bit crazy about parenting in the comments below. We would love to add your thoughts to our growing list.  Can we make it to 100?

But, in the end, it’s all worth it right? Of course!

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