A Day In The Life Of Mum

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A Day In The Life Of Mum

It’s a hard life being a mum. The reality is, it’s often much harder than the childless people around you realise. But, how can you put into words the sheer exhaustion you feel when you barely have the energy to repeat it every day?

Well, we’ve saved you the trouble by taking your day, and making it into a gif experience for your next parenthood show-n-tell.

You Wake Up At The Crack Of Dawn

Looking outside the window the day is bright, clean and full of promise. You tip-toe into the kitchen to brew the most silent cup of tea/coffee that has ever been made before.

You will wake no offspring this morning!



Just as you’re settling down to enjoy this one relaxing minute, a child awakens.


And so it begins.


You Awaken All Other Members of Household

Now is the time you arouse the armies of frustration. Heading around your house waking up all those little kiddies (and perhaps your significant other). Your brain wants to do this:

Or this:


But instead, you do this, and wonder why.


Breakfast Time

You race around preparing that most-important meal of the day for your kids. Cornflakes and weet-bix fly around the kitchen as each child requests something different and at least one asks for what they know you don’t have.


Day-Life-Mum-7 Day-Life-Mum-8 Day-Life-Mum-9

You experience the first tantrum over afore-mentioned missing breakfast item.


Pushing through you herd everyone out of the kitchen. Of course, the only one who has eaten nothing is you.


School Rush

Now it’s time to pack up those offspring and get them in a vehicle, Likely, this process will resemble this:


With your eventual reaction forcing them to get into the car under pain of death.


Home Again

If all your kids are in school and daycare, this might be the time you go to work or attempt to gain some control over your house.


If you’ve still got little ones at home, you’ll be doing the same thing, just with less chance of succeeding.


Until finally, the best time of the day comes: Naptime!


And while that’s happening, you attempt organising in total silence.


So that when your kids wake up, it seems you’ve done this:


School Run!

Once you’ve got everything at home under control, it’s time to run straight back out again (before you have a moment to relax) and do the school run. Luckily, this is your favourite time, and you have nothing better to do.


And you’ll probably need to grab some groceries. Don’t expect much help with the bags.


So really by the time you get home you can only really sit and watch this happening around you.



Think it’s over? Not yet ladies!


Now it’s time to cook dinner”¦ Yes, with that.


Because you know what’s going to happen if you let your partner

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