Hooray! The School Holidays are Over!

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I hear so many women talking about the joys of school holidays.

No more early starts, ironing uniforms, making school lunches, no more drop offs and pickups. Spending an endless amount of ‘quality time’ with their children.


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I LOVE the structure that school life brings. Nothing helps me get through breakfast, lunches, packing bags, dressing children like the knowledge that by 9 am, the day belongs to ME! I’ll no longer hear those words spoken repeatedly throughout a normal day whilst on holidays I’m bored!”, “I’m hungry!”, “There’s nothing to do!”, “So-and-so is annoying me!”

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a quiet cuppa (in between loads of washing, breakfast dishes, beds and general tidying up) and soak up the silence.

Don’t get me wrong.

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I love my children just as much as the next person. I love spending time with them. Taking them on trips, movies, play dates, playing cards etc.

I have beautiful, loving children whom I adore.

But I think I have a mental allergy to school holidays.

When I think back to my first son going off to school, I remember the nerves and trepidation I felt. How did this time fly by quite so quickly? My little baby doesn’t look near old enough for school! Will he be confident enough to go to the toilet when needed? Will he be able to open all of his lunch on his own? If not, will his teacher help him?

The start of school definitely felt scary, nerve-wracking, a little exciting and sad all at the same time. There was definitely no champagne on ice with a cork waiting to pop!

How time flies. 

As each child has headed off to school, those feelings of nerves and sadness have ever so slowly melted into the background as the excitement has built up. Every year is full of so much fun, knowledge and personal growth for my children. It is exciting to look back over the year gone by and think of all the wonderful things the children have learned and experienced.

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So here we are, the start of a new school year.

Books covered – check, items named – check, uniforms ready – check.

A morning of coffee organised with other school mums booked in for Monday, 9.15 am– CHECK!

I must set myself a reminder to thank our school teachers at the end of the year for the incredible job they do day in and day out. I’m whinging about the last 6 weeks; they’ve got the little buggers for the next 10!

Are you glad that the school hols are over, too?

Hooray! The School Holidays are Over!

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