What Type of Mum Are You?

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What Type of Mum Are You?

What type of mum are you? Well, an awesome one, clearly… but what other parenting category do you fit under? Simply ask yourself these questions below and see which fits. You may be surprised with what you find out. Keep in mind that this quiz is just for fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

1. Playing With Your Kids-  Your child wants to build a block tower with you. Do you? 

  • A. Take on an active role, set out the blocks by size and create a colour coded castle while he assists
  • B. Sit down with him, set up the blocks and build the tower together
  • C. Sit down and allow him to build a tower while you watch or leave the room

2. Kids Routine – in terms of your child’s schedule and routine, which suits you best?

  • A. I prefer to have a set routine every day, especially involving meals and sleeps
  • B. I go with the flow but try to keep things consistent in terms of meals and sleeps
  • C. I let him guide the day depending on how he is feeling

3. Discipline Take One – Your children are fighting over the same toy and the end result is biting, scratching and tears. How do you react?

  • A. Take the toy away and send both children to their room for a time out
  • B. Talk to them about what has happened and take the toy away, suggesting a different activity to play
  • C. Let them sort it out on their own

4. Discipline Take Two – Your child throws the tantrum of all tantrums in the shops because he wants a popper opened right now. You: 

  • A. Immediately leave the juice aisle with him kicking and screaming behind you, without any juice for the week
  • B. Put the poppers in the trolley and tell him he can have one once you get home if he behaves
  • C. Open the package and give him one if he promises to behave for the rest of the day

5. Interruptions: You are in the other room, in the middle of an important task and you hear your child scream call out “Muuuuummmm I need you!”. What do you do next?

  • A. Drop everything and run to him
  • B. Call out to see what he wants and if he starts crying or is in danger, stop what you are doing and go to him
  • C. Finish your task first and then see what he needs

5. Saying No – Your child has been well behaved all day and wants some more dessert. What do you say?

  • A. No – you’ve already had enough for today
  • B. You’ve been good today, but we need to save some for tomorrow.
  • C. Yes – you have been good and you deserve a special treat

6. Rules – It’s late and your daughter is still awake, reading in her room. What do you do? 

  • A. Go in, kiss her goodnight, turn off the light and tell her it’s time for bed.
  • B. Go in, kiss her goodnight, tell her she has five more minutes to read before turning off the light.
  • C. Go in, kiss her goodnight, tell her she needs to shut off the light when she has finished reading

7. Boredom – The kids utter that dreaded phrase “Mum, I’m bored.”  They want to watch a movie but they’ve been inside glued to the TV all day. You:

  • A. Tell them No and set up a craft center for them complete with various stations for sensory, creative and sound play.
  • B. Give them three options (none of which involve the television) and tell them to choose one
  • C. Ask them what movie they would like to watch

8. Hunger – The kids are hungry. They want chocolate they discovered in the pantry. You: 

  • A. Give them fruit salad instead and hide the chocolate
  • B. Give them fruit salad and offer them one piece each after they finish
  • C. Give them a piece of chocolate each

The Results

Mostly A’s – The Authoritarian Mum – you’re the boss and it’s important that your kids understand this. You are happiest when the kids are behaved and following the routine and if they start to act out, then you know exactly how to handle the situation. You are strict, yes, but you also are responsive and passionate about being a mum. You thrive on structure and prefer your be on top of everything.

Mostly B’s – The Authoritative Mum – authoritative mums are still the rulers of the household but tend to take on a more flexible role in terms of discipline and routine. You are seen as assertive but not rigid. You try your best to be fair and supportive all the while sticking to guidelines and structure.

Mostly C’s – The Permissive Parent – you prefer to take on a more easy going role when it comes to the kids. What permissive parents lack in discipline they make up for appeasement. You tend to let your children lead the way and, while you prefer to be involved in your child’s life, you may be seen as lenient and non directive which can result in the child thinking he is the boss.

Want to learn more about each parenting style? We’ve got a few great resources to check out in our Parenting Style Section. 

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