When Should You Put Your Daughter on Birth Control?When is it a good time?

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We take a look at some of the cues that can help you make up your decision on whether to put your daughter on the pill or another form of birth control.

As a mother of 3 girls, two of which have gone through this and one coming up to the dreaded teenage years and dealing with the love, romance, the unbridled puppy love that comes from these thrilling times of a teenagers world.

It totally freaked me out that my little girls could or would be doing things that a mother doesn’t want to think about. The reality is you have to face it and embrace it for the sake of our growing teens into adulthood and your own sanity.

When Should You Put Your Daughter on Birth Control?

I have always been very honest and open with my kids on anything to do with sex, body and health. If they ask me a question I give the honest and correct answer for their age at the time. Doesn’t mean I am calm on the inside, I often freak out but never let them see it.  I am very grateful for this as they can come to me now in their teenage years and ask me and know that I will talk to them about anything and I mean ANYTHING.

It really comes down it each ones personalities and how they take this kind of thing, if it is just a part of life, total embarrassment or the excitement of being a grown up.

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Discussing it with her…

My eldest has always been interested in how the body works and that has led her to the medical world. So it was very easy for her to asked to go to the doctors, when she was 17 and started dating, she has been set on a career since the age of 5 and has her life planned.

Children are not part of that plan until in her thirties. So the Pill was first up with the information that condoms are also a necessity for personal health as well. All taken on board she is now happily living her life and I know she is being safe.

My second is very quiet, shy and gets embarrassed very easily, so I had to be very careful how to approach the subject so that she didn’t just shut down and turn off.

The saying “it won’t happen mum until I am ready” is all good and well, but as adults we all know that with the hormones in a frenzy of lust and excitement  any logical thought process is overridden in a teenager. So at the age of 16 we went to the doctors to deal with period pain and they suggested the pill, which helps with flow, pain and pregnancy. Win for mum and embarrassment cut down to a minimum for my daughter.

My youngest is coming up to this time and she is my fire cracker.

Can’t wait for boobs to come in, periods to start and all that the fun her older sisters must be having with being a female. Having 2 older sisters she has learnt a lot of what goes on in a girls body, but I still need to be able to put her on the straight and narrow when she comes home with things that have been learnt from friends.

I don’t know when we will need this talk about contraception but something tells me it will be sooner than the other girls. The girls seem to be dating earlier and interested in boys a lot earlier than the others. So for the time being keeping her interests in other fields seems to be a bloody good idea, so soccer here we come.

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Medical Check UP

Always take them to the doctor and get them a full check up, that way the doctor will know of any other contraceptives that might be more beneficial for them.

I also let them know that when they start having sex that Pap Smears have to happen (this might hold them off a little longer). Remember at some stage they are going to have sex and it is better to be prepared and have those conversations than have the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy.

Remember, providing she is of age, her decision to have sex is her decision and they will do it regardless remember the blasted hormones are raging.  All you can do is provide the necessary information, protection, support and hope that when the time does come, she makes the right ones for her.

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When Should You Put Your Daughter on Birth Control

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