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I recently had the pleasure of having my husband home from work for three months with me. And while this sounds great in theory (and elements of it was), it was also a little horrible. Imagine going to work every day and having your supervisor looking over your shoulder at every little thing you do.

Now, imagine three months of it. Well this was pretty much what my life was like.

Yes, I Forgot to Put on a Bra... Again | Stay At Home Mum

My husband is very structured and organised. He is also very traditional. He works long hours and has never really seen what life is like during the day for me and the kids.

He sees them in the morning before the chaos starts, on the weekends, when they seem to morph into well behaved angels, and in the evenings, after the kids have been fed and cleaned (and after I have thrown all the toys into the bedrooms). So when he was home with us for twelve long weeks, he saw the disarray that is our life first-hand. And he was shocked. And I truly believe, a little concerned about our sanity as well.

Okay, I admit it. My life as a WAHM is chaotic, unstructured, non-traditional and probably horrifying to the outside viewer. The house is rarely cleaned; the kids watch way too much TV, and sometimes, I forget to feed them snacks. My daughter rarely has on anything but a nappy and my son is usually dressed as Ironman rather than in regular clothes.

I am pretty busy with work and thus, our routine tends to revolve around both my kids and my job. And, while it may seem like a complete mess, it actually works well for me and my two minions. Every day is different but we always do something fun together (whether it’s swimming, going to the park, going to playgroup or going to a play centre) and we always manage to end the day with a smile.

So why was this unstructured mess such as a terrifying sight to see?¬†Well, I hope it’s just normal, everyday mum things.


On more than one occasion during the three months my hubby was home, I:

  • forgot to pack nappies and only discovered this fact after desperately searching the nappy bag and finding only a box of tampons, dried wipes and a pen;
  • left the house late for an appointment, forgetting both mine and my son’s shoes;
  • fed the children take away and/or processed macaroni and cheese (one time in the same day);
  • used the dog as a vacuum cleaner and mop after the kids spilled their lunch all over the floor;
  • opened a bottle of wine before 4 pm;
  • forgot to put on a bra… and pants;
  • found my daughter playing in the dog water bowl;
  • hid in the bathroom while the kids ran around the house screaming “MUUUUUUUM”;
  • let my kids eat their chocolate advent calendar piece as part of their nutritional breakfast;
  • left the house and got into the car only to realise I don’t have the bloody keys;
  • had to rewash the same load of washing three times because I keep forgetting to take it out of the damned washing machine and hang it up;
  • cleaned up urine from the living room floor (possibly the baby’s, possibly the dog’s);
  • forgotten it was a day care day;
  • dropped my kids off at day care only to realise it’s not a day care day;
  • promised myself that I would ‘NEVER EVER’ have another child again.

Yes, I Forgot to Put on a Bra… Again.


Perhaps what shocked him the most was that he assumed that our life was very organised when he was not around. Perhaps he assumed that the house remained clean all day and that the kids go from one activity to another putting their toys away in between and helping me with the daily chores.

Perhaps he forgot that I actually have to work in the midst of the chaos, that life as a SAHM is not just about baking bread and braiding hair. Perhaps he thought that I always manage to leave the house with shoes, and daytime pants, and a bra on. Or perhaps he really just doesn’t have a clue.

Sure, our life is a little unconventional, but I actually think I’m doing pretty good considering the circumstances – my kids are happy, healthy and hilarious, and despite the horror in my husband’s eyes, we all seem to be faring pretty well.

And, for any mums out there that live their life in complete disarray while your husband is at work, let their kids eat the occasional spoonful of dirt or dog food and can’t keep track of how many damned nappies are in the nappy bag, this post is for you.

And, if you ever have the pleasure of having hubby home from work with you and he mentions something along the lines of “is this really what you do when I am not here?”, then show him this post.¬†And tell him to shove it up his arse.

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