You Know You’re a Parent When…

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You Know You’re a Parent When…

Parenting. There is a lot to be said about making the decision to have children. It is probably the most important decision of your life and hopefully the best decision you will ever make. Parenting is filled with moments of laughter, of pride, of love and of pure joy. But it’s also filled with plenty of frustration, stress, chaos and anger. Kids are nuts. They really are. They are awesome but they are messy, stubborn, demanding little things aren’t they? And thus, your days will probably be filled with some pretty frustratingly funny things.

Parenting Pass (1)

Count up the number of sentences that you can check off and tell us, are you nailing this whole parenting thing? The crazier your household, the better! After all, it’s what being a mum or dad is all about.

Parenting: Are you doing it right? Since becoming a mum or dad, you have (check all that applies) 

✔ Sniffed a child’s bum

✔ Wiped coloured marker off the wall

✔ Wiped coloured marker off your child’s body

Parenting Pass (5)

✔ Enjoyed an audience while going to the toilet

✔ Shared a bath or shower with your child

✔ Shared a bath or shower with your child who decided it was a good time to poo or pee

✔ Used “Hide and Seek” time as your chance to sneak away and have a shower

✔ Watched Frozen

✔ Watched Frozen more than twice

✔ Watched Frozen more than 10 times

✔ Fallen asleep to Let It Go in your head

✔ Been yelled at because you didn’t cut the fruit up properly

✔ Cleaned up food from the floor

✔ Cleaned up half eaten food from the floor

✔ Fed said half eaten food to the dog

✔  Picked up or dropped off your child from school in the rain

✔  Picked up or dropped off your child from school with thongs or ugg boots on

✔ Picked up or dropped off your child from school without shoes on at all

✔ Dealt with a tantrum because a piece of food broke

✔ Dealt with a tantrum because two pieces of food were touching one another on the plate

✔ Cleaned up vomit, urine or poo from the living room floor

✔ Spent more than an hour hunting for a lost toy

✔ Googled “how to deal with tantrums.

✔ Googled “how to get rid of a runny nose.”

✔ Googled “how to run away in the middle of the night.”

✔ Used the phrase “Because I said so.”

✔ Used the last remains of the milk left in your child’s bottle for your coffee in the morning

✔ Found finger prints on the windows or walls (and walked away with a shrug)

✔ Found yourself watching ABC for Kids when no kids are around

✔ Fallen asleep in your child’s bed after reading him/her a story

✔ Had sandwiches for lunch…and dinner

✔ Escaped to do the grocery shopping alone and compared it to a holiday

✔ Put the same load of washing on three times because you keep forgetting to hang it out to dry

✔ Written “take a shower” on your To-Do List

✔ Written “take a shower” on your To-Do List and then not crossed it off

✔ Found your kids playing in your makeup

✔ Stepped in a puddle of a mystery liquid and wondered if it’s water or pee

✔ Caught yourself swaying back and forth, even though you are not holding a baby

✔ Bribed your kids with a bickie or lolly if they promise to remain in the shopping trolley for the entire grocery shop

✔ Used baby wipes to clean pretty much anything around the house

✔ Pulled a squeaky toy out of your purse when searching for your keys or wallet

✔  Contemplated opening the wine before 4:00 pm

✔  Stopped the Boogie Man with a spray bottle filled with water and food colouring

✔  Laughed, cried and cursed your life, all in the same day

✔  Gone hunting in the dirty laundry for a favourite shirt that MUST be worn that day

✔  Given your kids your phone to play with in the car, just so they stop screaming

✔  Realised later in the day that your kids have deleted your contacts after letting them play with your phone

✔  Found an entire roll of toilet paper unrolled in your washroom

✔  Woke up with a child’s foot in your face

Count em up – What Did You Get?

You know you’re a parent if you can check at least half of these!!

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