10 Easy Ways to Naturally Increase Your Fertility

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10 Easy Ways to Naturally Increase Your Fertility

6. Birth control drugs can take a while to get out of your system.

When you’re on birth control pills, it could take a while before you are able to conceive. says wait for at least one normal period after you quit taking the pill before you try to get pregnant. By waiting for at least one regular cycle before conception will help your doctor determine the time of ovulation thus determining your due date and other pregnancy-related information. ‘Many women experience ovulation and a return of fertility within two to four weeks of quitting the pill.’

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7. Lubricant may interfere with sperm motility.

Studies revealed that lubricants may damage the sperm and its motility or the ability to travel to the uterus to fertilise an egg. The pH of most lubricants are enough to kill a sperm because of the acidity. Also, the lubricant’s thickness makes it hard for the sperm’s motility and the water content can ‘damage the sperm by causing them to absorb water.’

The safest and the best lubricant to use when you want to conceive is foreplay. Tell your partner to stimulate you to get you in the mood during the intercourse.

8. Take a good quality pre-natal vitamin.

Even before you get pregnant, prenatal vitamins could help in preparing your system for conception.

“A study from Harvard Medical school involving 18,000 women has shown that taking multi vitamins, particularly folic acid, can improve chances of pregnancy”¦”

‘Nutritional deficiencies have been linked to ovulation issues, hormonal imbalances, poor egg health, low sperm count and so much more.’ Vitamins D, E, C, B6 and B12, Folic acid, Iron, Selenium, and Zinc are needed for the overall ovulation and hormonal balance of a woman trying to conceive.

9. Keep your body mass index within normal range.

If you are over your ideal BMI, lose weight, but if you are under your BMI, gain weight.

Keeping your BMI within normal range will keep your reproductive cycle in balance. A ranking of 19 to 24 indicates a healthy weight. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, your chances for conception will increase.

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10. Don’t muck around if you are over 35 or been trying more than a year.

If you’re already 35 and above and still don’t have a baby, don’t fret. Those saying that fertility is compromised for women over 30 may not have seen the latest studies in fertility for elderly primagravida — ‘the official obstetric name for a woman who is pregnant with her first child at age 35 or older.’

Modern studies found that 90% of women over 35 are pregnant within two years.

While fertility declines with age, it doesn’t mean a woman in her late 30s won’t be able to conceive. A woman over 35 who has problems conceiving usually has fertility issues other than age.

Do you know of other ways to naturally increase your fertility?

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