10 Mums Who Gave Birth in The Most Unusual Places

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10 Mums Who Gave Birth in The Most Unusual Places

Babies often refuse to wait for no one, if they are ready to be born then look out, they honestly don’t care where or when, they just want out!

And at times it can all happen very quickly.

Just this week a woman gave birth in a bike lane on a Brisbane roadside.
Her partner helped deliver their son in the car outside the maternity hospital with the help of a doctor and student midwife who happened to be passing by.
The couple were about two minutes’ from the Mater Hospital at South Brisbane when their baby son started crowning in the car. But he seriously did not want to wait one minute longer.

‘It all happened so quickly’

10 of The Strangest Places Women Have Given Birth In

From an Elevator, to a tree, to the lion den of a wildlife sanctuary, here are some amazing stories of women who gave birth in unusual places.
Can you beat these weird birth places?

The Lobby Of An Apartment Building

Saturday Night Live legend, Seth Meyers, revealed on his show that his wife (Alexi Ashe) gave birth to their second son in the middle of their apartment building lobby! In fact, two years earlier, his first son was nearly born in an uber, only just managing to get to the hospital within minutes.

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Image via The Blast

In An Uber

Erica Davidovich had no other option when she suddenly realised she was going into labour and needed to get to a hospital fast. She quickly rang an Uber to take her to the hospital, only to get into the car and give birth five minutes later.

In An Elevator

A woman attempting to reach the maternity ward at Tacoma Hospital was caught when the elevator suddenly ground to a halt. By a stroke of good luck, her midwife and a nurse were in the elevator with her.
The brave mother delivered a baby boy while the elevator was still stuck.

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Image via New Idea


The last thing you want is to suddenly go into labour mid-flight without a doctor or a nurse. However, for Cristina Penton, this was a real-life scenario. While flying with Spirit Airlines, Penton suddenly went into labour at just 36 weeks.

She shared, “The flight attendants contacted doctors on the ground and they advised the flight attendants to see if there were any medical personnel on board. As it turned out, there was a paediatrician and a nurse. Soon after that, it was clear I was having my baby.”

Thankfully, both mother and baby were fine, as were the very stressed-out flight attendants.

Image via The Washington Post

Up A Tree

In the year 2000, Mozambique was hit by heavy rainfall.
The rainfall resulted in one of the worst floods in history, taking the lives of 700 people. Due to the floods, families across the country had to climb trees and tall structures in order to survive.
One of these people was the heavily pregnant Carolina Chritndaza, who climbed a tree with her family to escape the crocodile-infested waters. While in the tree, Carolina went into labour, later giving birth to a healthy daughter.

Floods in Mozambique | Stay at Home
Image via Irish Mirror

In Her Sleep

Believe it or not, one woman actually managed to give birth while she was fast asleep. Alice Payne, 23, suspected she was about to go into labour after suffering a few minor pains.
She made her way to hospital and was told she wasn’t in labour but it would likely happen very soon, so she should stay and rest. The young mum was given a hospital bed where she dozed off for a nap, only to wake up a couple of hours later with a newborn baby.

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Image via The Sun

In A Lion’s Den

32-year-old Manguben Makwana gave birth in a wildlife sanctuary.
Thankfully, Makwana was inside an ambulance, which pulled into the sanctuary after realising it was too late to get her to the hospital. In the end, both the mother, the baby, the ambulance staff and the lions were unharmed.

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The supermarket aisle

A woman in Saskatchewan, Canada wasn’t feeling well one day as she headed into Walmart. She had a fever and stomach cramps. She’d noticed herself gaining weight the last few weeks, but, according to her, pregnancy tests had turned up negative.
When stomach pains got worse, she headed to the bathroom. After feeling a strong urge to push, a baby slid into the toilet. The woman panicked and fled the scene. She was later apprehended after being identified on the store’s video surveillance footage. She admitted to giving birth to the child, then getting frightened and abandoning the new baby boy. She claimed she had no idea she was pregnant.

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Image via New York Post

At the Post office

A pregnant mum in England entered the post office planning to get a mobile phone credit. While inside, she began experiencing contractions and knew she didn’t have much time to get to a hospital. Her baby girl had other intentions and arrived on the post office floor.
One of the post office staff even weighed the new baby on their scales and announced she weighed equivalent to a 8.22 pound parcel.

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Image via Los Alamos National Laboratory

During Sunday Service

A pastor’s wife pregnant with her fourth child, was enjoying a nice Sunday service at a the Library, when suddenly she began having contractions. Thinking things would surely take a while, and not wanting to be disruptive to the service, she went out for a walk to help move things along.
Shortly after her stroll began, her water broke. She hurried back to the library and into the lady’s room. Labour progressed so quickly that her baby arrived in the stall. Luckily a few women came to her aid and caught her new baby boy.

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What to do if your baby starts coming unexpectedly

Call triple-0 and talk to the ambulance officer or midwife.
Prepare clean towels and a warm soft blanket.
Source a container for the placenta.
Have the mum close to the ground, on a soft mattress, on the floor, or on the bed so baby has a soft landing.
Mum should be in a comfortable position — not flat on her back. She might like to be kneeling on a mattress, leaning against a chair, on all fours on a bed, or in the back of a car if in transit.
Aim to catch the baby with washed and dry hands.
Let mum birth naturally in her own way.
Encourage her and stay calm.
Never pull on the baby, cord or placenta.
Placenta will be birthed next — often in less than five minutes. Leave cord attached and put placenta in a little container.
Be aware of mum’s privacy.

Be aware that your baby might be coming very quickly and when bub is ready to go out, there’s no stopping that!

10 Mums Who Gave Birth in The Most Unusual Places | Stay at Home Mum

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