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11 Really Weird Things People Do With PlacentasI just can't even.....

I Googled about birth related topics today and I found out that there are some really weird things people do with their Placenta, apart from making them into pills…

I’m like, wow, other people just won’t stop at foot/hand prints to commemorate their children’s birth! Some find the placenta as the baby’s twin soul so it makes them look at it with a sentimental value. Hence, they do crazy things with it. Like eat it, decorate their house or use it for their nutritional benefits.


As for me, well, it’s not gonna happen!

1. Bee Venom and Placenta Face Cream

Stay At Home Mum

Cause I want to plaster my face in bee venom and baby making blood puddles.

2. Placenta Body Butter

11 Gross Things People Do With Placenta | Stay At Home Mum
via idyllicpursuit.com

Ohhhhh applying a Placenta body butter all over my body, then have a shower cause I smell like raw meat. Then again, meat and butter…. hmmm tasty…

3. Umbilical Stump, Breast Milk and Placenta Jewellery

11 Gross Things People Do With Placenta | Stay At Home Mum

Seriously, W.T.F… But it is kinda pretty…

4.  Placenta Prints

Stay At Home Mum

Okay little Johnny, here is a print I made of your womb buddy. Let’s show all your friends!

5. Placenta Smoothie

Stay At Home Mum

Just add some milk, ice-cream and a little raw placenta… yummmmm. NOT!

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