15 Practical Baby Shower Gifts for A New Mum

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15 Practical Baby Shower Gifts for A New Mum

Who doesn’t love a baby shower? I do and I love shopping for them even more.

With Mum receiving so many pretty things for a Baby Shower, doesn’t it make sense that the item be practical as well as pretty? A practical baby shower gift is something that Mum’s need – and will use again and again!

I’ve put together a few ideas (and some from our Stay at Home Mum readers) for some practical baby shower gifts you absolutely can’t go wrong with. With our list of practical and some unconventional gifts, everyone new mum will want you at their shower.

Grab your girlfriends and sweep your eyes over these awesome baby shower gift ideas. Happy shopping!

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1. A Nappy Cake

Nappy Cakes are just BRILLIANT as they look incredible (and make for the most beautiful Baby Shower Gift), but they are also so practical as every piece of that Nappy Cake can be used by the New Mumma Bear. So beautiful and practical!

We love the following stockists of Nappy Cakes:

Nappy Cakes | Stay at Home Mum

2. Organic Muslin Wraps

Unless you are already a Mum, you have no idea how many Muslin Wraps your new baby is going to need!  They are practical as they can be used as a wrap, a swaddle, a burb cloth, a cuddle blanket, a light sheet or a scarf.

Our favourite Muslin Wrap stockists:

image 105 | Stay at Home

3. Glow Dreaming Sleep Easy

This will be something you use all through the newborn – toddler and you will need it after you are finished having babies! The one touch sleep solution that adjusts to your child’s unique sleep needs. Which delivers: Pink Noise, Red LED light and a Humidifier all via an app, you can control while you are in bed on your phone! 

4. Ready-Made Home Cooked Meals

Baby shower gifts don’t always have to be about baby stuff. Sometimes, the best gift is something that relieves the stress new parents encounter. An original and hugely thoughtful gift is a home-cooked meal. This means the baby’s parents are spared the chore of cooking, while still being able to eat freshly made, nutritious meals. Hurrah!

5. The Milky Goodness Lactation products

These are honestly one of the best gifts you can give and receive. I always get this for my new mamas to be! This is the little pressie I bring around when bubby has arrived, so I can make her a tea and she can enjoy a yummy treat designed for the post partum mama! They have a range of products from cookies, bliss balls, drinks, brownie + cookies mixes and in so many different flavours. Enjoy!

6.  A Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

These are must-have baby essentials – and are also good for kids and grown-ups who have colds, coughs or flu’s.  I have two of these!!!!

Where to buy a Vicks Vaporizer:

41VHF73TvPL | Stay at Home

7. A Wall-Mounted Clock with Thermometer

You know how everyone says that ‘You just dress baby the same as you.’. But it is really hard to judge sometimes how warm or cool to dress Bubs.  That’s why having a thermometer in their room so you know exactly how hot or cold it is, is a really great idea.

Stockist: Amazon (Ships Worldwide)

8. A Baby Rocker or Baby Swing

Every Mum needs a baby rocker, and there are baby rockers available for every budget. 

Check out our article on the 10 Best Baby Swings to Put Your Newborn to Sleep.

580d95f65ae1b373801752 | Stay at Home

9. Baby Printed Milestone Cards

Capture all the special moments of your baby’s first few months with these printed Baby Milestone cards.  This kit includes 13 different cards and is gender-neutral so the perfect gift when you don’t know the sex of the baby yet!

Baby Milestone Cards
Baby Milestone Cards from Etsy

10. A Floral Labour Gown

Sometimes it is nice to buy something nice for Mum, instead of baby.  This is sort of a combination of both.  It has a pull-down neckline to make nursing easy, or for that direct skin-to-skin contact after birth. The perfect garment to wear in the maternity ward on your way to being a Mumma.

Check out our list of Maternity Gowns to choose from.

11. Play Gym

Australian owned brand Babybee has just release this beautiful new play gym. Something to give to mum thats not only beautiful to look at, but is light-weight, crafted from soft linen-cotton blend fabric, 5 sensory toys included and machine-washable top mat & wipe down base.

play gym ollie | Stay at Home

12. Eco Disposable Nappies

If you are the new Mumma Bear is

worried about the environmental impact of all of those disposable nappies (but geez they are so convenient!) – now you can have the best of both worlds by using Eco-Nappies!

We love the range from Comfy Koalas!

Comfy Koalas | Stay at Home Mum

13. BlueMello Baby Swaddle Blanket

Adorable and Practical – this unique baby shower gift will be one your new Mum can use for this baby and all babies to come! Plus and warm, and made from premium quality fabrics that are soft on sensitive skin, the Swaddle is perfect for Winter!

image 108 | Stay at Home

14. Diaper Caddy Organizer

At just $39 – and with over 1100 5-Star ratings, you know your new Mum is going to love this practical baby shower gift to keep all those little baby-changing knick-knacks together and organised. Comes in a Small (pictured) or Large.

image 109 | Stay at Home

15. A Slow Cooker

Finally – the most practical baby shower gift of them all – a slow cooker! The perfect gift so Mum doesn’t have to spend much time in the kitchen. They range in price from $20 – $200 so are affordable – and the Mum-to-be will get so much use out of them! Highly recommend!

We love the Russell Hobbs 7l Slow Cooker! Perfect size – great brand and well-priced!

image 110 | Stay at Home

16. For when baby starts to eat!

When baby starts eating there is a whole new bunch of things you need to buy, you can check this Montessori Mates silicone placemat off the list for the toddler they will grow into! So practical and sheek, mama will love it!

What was the most awesome baby shower gift you ever received?

15 Practical and Pretty Gifts for a Baby Shower | Stay at Home Mum

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