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6. Don’t Watch Horrific Birth Videos


It’s not a good idea to watch traumatic birth videos right before having your baby.¬†While it may be helpful to watch videos of women giving birth so as to know what to expect, some of these videos are just too horrifying and will leave you with nightmares instead of calming down your fears, so be careful what you choose to watch!

7. Reaffirm Yourself Over and Over

Staying positive is a powerful way of being mentally prepared for labour. Talk to yourself everyday and tell yourself that you are wonderful, strong and you can do this. Avoid beating yourself down. Instead, keep reaffirming yourself that you can¬†handle safe labour and delivery. If possible, print out positive birth messages and stick them places where you’ll be able to read them all day (like on the back of the toilet door!)

8. Talk To Your Baby

All through your pregnancy, make it a habit to talk to your baby especially when you’re alone. When you are feeling anxious, place your hand on your belly and let your baby’s movements soothe you. Connecting with your baby will calm you down, will take away fear of labour and delivery and replace it with the joy of looking forward to holding your baby in your arms. When you talk to the baby, say positive things about the coming birth process.

9. Let Go Of The Fear

During the last days before labour, practice how to let go of fear and allow your mind to envision your body doing what it was designed to do. Trust that you will be well and let that be the only thing in your mind. Remember to be your number one cheerleader! Go team!

10. Relaxation Exercises


Relaxing is a very effective way for gaining mental strength. As you allow your mind to think about labour, let your body relax. There are several ways to relax such as making time to simply sit, listen and be one with your body. Relaxation will greatly help you deal with what is coming. Maybe even try some yoga (if your doctor allows it) and some meditation.

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