18 Totally Weird Facts About Pregnancy

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18 Totally Weird Facts About Pregnancy

As if growing a whole baby human inside you isn’t crazy enough to comprehend – here are 18 totally weird facts about pregnancy:

Babies wee in the uterus and drink it. Again and again urgh…!

In every 2,000 babies one baby is born with a tooth. And then some don’t get their first one until they are a year old!

Boys have erections while in the uterus. Yep, it starts straight away.

A pregnant woman’s heart increases in size to deal with the increase volume of blood in the body. There is 50% more blood going around a pregnant woman’s body.

The longest pregnancy recorded lasted one year and 10 days. In 1945, Beulah Hunter, 25, from America, gave birth to a little girl after 375 days.

Scientists have proven that nipple stimulation can bring on labour. Truly.

Babies can taste what their mother’s eat in the womb. No wonder my boys love vegemite.

Pregnant mothers and mothers can lactate at the sound of a crying baby even when it isn’t their own. Hang out with your mother’s group and you will be leaking constantly.

The old wives tale that heartburn sufferers are more likely to have a child born with a head of hair is absolutely true. Scientists believe that the higher levels of oestrogen and progesterone that stimulate hair growth also relax the oesophagus, causing acid reflux.

Babies cry in the womb. Apparently they aren’t upset they are just practicing.

If a pregnant woman suffers organ damage the baby in the womb will send stem cells to repair the damaged organ. That is just magic.

There are more twins born in central Africa than anywhere else in the world. Apparently there might be a link with the yams in their diet.

A women’s uterus expands to 500 times its normal size over the course of pregnancy. WOW!

A baby’s fingerprints are set within the first three months of pregnancy. When they are so teeny tiny.

In the UK there is an old law which says pregnant women can urinate in a policeman’s helmet if they need to. Sometimes you just can’t hold it in any longer!

Women who snore during pregnancy are more likely to have smaller babies, according to a study. Who comes up with these studies?

Non-identical twins are more common in large and tall women. Those who birthed two or more children were on average one inch taller.

Most women gain up to half a shoe size due to increased fluid retention. Thongs it is!

Do you have any totally weird facts about pregnancy to add?

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