7 Awful Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You About (Page 3)Look away mums to be

5. Placenta previa

things that can happen during pregnancy
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This is when the placenta decides to move itself down to the exit area (bottom of the womb) covering the entire cervix, which can be slightly worrying since that is where the baby needs to come out.

6. Meconium

things that can happen during pregnancy
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Meconium is the baby’s first poo. Sometimes under conditions of great stress (prolonged birth or maternal or foetal distress) the baby can open its bowels inside of you. It is also very dangerous for baby which can result in a serious condition call meconium aspiration syndrome. It is not a healthy for a baby to breathe their own faeces and can lead to serious health complications.

7. Splotchy ugly face

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via alphamom.com

Melasma as it’s formally known looks like a brown, splotchy brownish facial pigmentation and happens when an increase in estrogen and progesterone throw your melanin receptors into overdrive causing hyperpigmentation. Not the pregnancy glow you were told you would get when you got pregnant.

Also called the “pregnancy mask” it is most common on your cheeks turning them a darker than normal splotchy patches. As if putting on weight and feeling ugly wasn’t enough, pregnancy really wants to make you look physically ugly.

Pregnancy can cause some horrible things and it is no walk in the park, but there are more wonderful things than bad. So pants down, pelvic up and get on with it.

What were the unexpected things that happened to you when you were pregnant?

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