9 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Say To Older Mums Trying To Conceive

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9 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Say To Older Mums Trying To Conceive

5. That You’re DONE Having Kids

When women are older and trying to conceive, particularly if they’re adding one more baby to their existing brood, people often come out with “Oh, I’m so done having kids”. Well guess what? This particular woman isn’t done, and what she needs is more support and less judgemental nonsense. It can be difficult and even a little lonely when you’re older and TTC, so give her a helping hand, a positive comment, and put a smile on her face.

9 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Say To Older Mums Trying To Conceive | Stay At Home Mum

6. Any Risky Old Pregnancy Facts

As any woman who has ever tried to conceive after 35 knows, both strangers and friends are bastions of random internet knowledge about the risks of older pregnancy. Yes, we know that having a child after 35 does entail more risks for both mum and bub, but did you also know that children born to older mothers could be smarter? Other studies done on the same topic also showed that women who gave birth in their later years were also at a lower chance to developing ovarian cancer. See, you don’t know everything do you?

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