9 Things You SHOULD Say To Pregnant Mummas

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9 Things You SHOULD Say To Pregnant Mummas

Pregnancy can be a really interesting, challenging, and remarkable time in a woman’s life.

For those around her, it’s a time to be supportive and loving, but you’d be amazed how many people get that wrong.

We’ve written before on the things you definitely shouldn’t be saying to a woman when she’s pregnant, but we realised we never talked about what you should say. What are the things that pregnant mums-to-be want to hear? Well, we’ve surveyed the mums in our network, and found some interesting answers.

So, here’s what you should say to pregnant mums!

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1. She Looks Absolutely Stunning

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Is there a woman on the planet who doesn’t want to be told she looks absolutely stunning? We don’t think so! When it comes to pregnant mummas, those compliments are even more welcomed. She’s probably tired, and feels very much like her body isn’t hers anymore. So make sure she knows just how gorgeous she looks, and put it down to the pregnancy glow if she doesn’t believe you.

2. She’ll Be A Good Mum To A Lucky Kid

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All women approach being a mum in different ways. However, when they’re going through pregnancy and parenthood for the first time, it’s easy for nerves to get the better of even the most stoic mum-to-be. So, the best thing that you can tell a pregnant mumma is that she’s going to be a wonderful mum, and that her child will be lucky to have someone as caring as her in their lives!

3. The Real Truth Of Being Pregnant

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If you’ve been pregnant before, try and dial back on the whole pregnancy is magic line that ladies are always being delivered when they’re up the duff. The fact is that pregnancy is definitely not always magic. There’s quite a bit of vomiting, discomfort, bladder control, food aversions, nausea and general burnout. Instead, why not commiserate on your own challenging pregnancy experience, so she knows that she’s not alone in feeling that it’s pretty tough to grow a baby.

4. You’re Available To Help


Mums all want to be the absolute best mum they can be, which is just what their kids deserve. But, being a good mum doesn’t mean carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders all the time. For pregnant mums, this can be good advice to hear, particularly when accompanied by sincere offers of assistance. Offer to bring by dinner, to help her clean up her home, or just to watch the baby while she catches up on sleep. It all helps.

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