Choosing an OBGyn

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Choosing an OBGyn

OBGyn’s offer a wide variety of services including Pap smears, family planning advice and contraception options, menopausal treatments, prenatal care, infertility diagnostics and treatments, reproductive related surgery and labour services, and much more.

Basically, they are going to see you through some of the best and worst of times, and as they provide such important services, it is important to choose a doctor that is competent, considerate and able to provide you with the best quality care.

Ask around

Ask your female friends and relatives who they use or used. Some will recommend theirs highly and others will give you the low down on how unhappy they were with their choice or allocation. Either way, you’ll have valuable tips on who you’d rather have or not.

Choosing an OBGynOptions limited?

Some OBGyn services may not be covered by your health insurance, or you may be going through the public health system which doesn’t always allow you to have your choice. In a private hospital, it will be expected that you’ve got one of your choosing but public hospitals may just randomly allocate you one through their pregnancy clinic or give you whoever’s on duty when it’s action time.

Male or Female

If you are uncomfortable at the thought of a male doctor examining the most intimate parts of your body, restrict the search to female doctors only. Many hospitals are happy to accommodate your request, provided you let them know in advance.

Midwife Care vs OBGyn

Many public health hospitals offer a free, midwife run prenatal and postnatal care programs where all regular check-ups are conducted by a nurse, midwife or OBGyn student. You’ll have a routine check with an OBGyn at the pointy end – the only time you’re likely to even clap eyes on them if you’ve had a straight forward pregnancy and give birth without complications.

Special needs

If you’ve had previous complications or know you’ll be likely up for a caesarean this time around, selecting an OBGyn who is also a surgeon, or one familiar with your history, will ensure you have seamless care throughout.

Get familiar

Take the time to get familiar with your OBGyn on the very first visit and change providers straight away if you are unhappy with the service. Even if your hormones overtake you and transform you into Pregzilla, you’ll never need to go back your new OBGyn can request any information they need if required.

Many OBGyn’s are trained in all facets of women’s health, whilst others may specialise in one or two areas only. When making your choice, ensure the services you expect are undertaken by your doctor and that you feel they are best person to look after you during this special time.


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