Hot and Cold: The Best Clothes To Wear When You’re Pregnant

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Hot and Cold: The Best Clothes To Wear When You’re Pregnant

I’m pregnant, REALLY pregnant.

I have about 5 weeks to go til my fourth little blessing makes her entrance and, as a result, my backside (and front side) have become so engorged that the big wide world will not be the only big and wide thing my daughter sees when she is born! I’ve put on about 20kgs and I am incredibly uncomfortable.

I walk past “normal” people clothing stores and look yearningly at the clothes I will, one day, maybe, be able to fit back into. My everyday wardrobe has been minimalised to a very small selection of clothes that not only accommodate my huge belly, but also my massive soon-to-be-milk-filled fun bags and my backside/thighs (whose expansion have nothing to do with the size of my growing child but more to do with my current obsession with Caramel KitKats).

Common sense (and lack of funds) tells me I should not buy any more clothing before the baby is born, but I am getting increasingly depressed with the very limited array of clothes I have on offer to wear for these last few weeks, that are both comfortable and socially acceptable to wear in public.

So, it got me thinking, what do you wear when you are REALLY pregnant?

When it comes to maternity wear, comfort, affordability and versatility are key. Maternity clothing can be expensive so choose wisely and take the time to try on items in the store. You can also find some great bargains on Ebay and second hand clothing stores, or ask your friends!

Good quality maternity wear often outlasts a pregnancy so if you know someone who is done having babies, make sure you take up any offers for second hand clothing.


I was fortunate enough this time around to be both slightly, moderately and heavily pregnant when it has been quite cool.

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Having fallen pregnant in January, the majority of my pregnancy has seen me wearing jeans, then jeans with expander belts, leggings and finally, maternity pants complete with super stretchy waistbands that can either fold down over your hips or cover your bump. Over-sized jumpers and fitted, long-sleeved tops with a cardigan or jacket have seen me through the coldest months, but now, even the feel of fabric on my super-stretched skin has me more irritated than ever.

For the oober-pregnant when it’s still super cold, you’re best bet is a pair (or two) of really comfortable maternity pants, preferably in black as this goes with everything! Try looking on Ebay or in department stores for more affordable brands – Kmart has a great range called bub2be.

Team it up with your upper layer of choice (mine is currently an over-sized jumper or something stolen out of hubby’s side of the wardrobe) to suit wherever you may be heading.


I hated being pregnant in summer, even that 4-5 month mark can leave you feeling a big whale-ish when everyone is flitting around in shorts and singlets.

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And when you are already a literal oven, gently cooking your little bun inside, there is a massive urge to just strip off to the bare minimum when it reaches those top temps.

Unfortunately, bras and hubby’s boxer shorts are not considered suitable attire for the school run, or the inevitable shopping trip, so most women resort to maternity dresses, shorts with expander belts and loose fitting shirts.


The best part is that fashion trends have seen a resurgence in flowy, lightweight tops and dresses of late, so a lot of clothing you can actually purchase from a regular store in a larger size (especially Supre) and wear again once you’ve had bub.

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On careful consideration and research amongst the SAHM team, most would agree that there is really only one solution for maternity clothing needs when the temps are hitting the 40’s and you’ve only got a matter of weeks to go, and that is the moo-moo. Kaftan dresses (or moo-moo’s), in both short and long lengths , are huge (pardon the pun) at the moment and provide a completely loose fitting, non-shape alternative to traditional maternity dresses and tops.

Grab some sexy thongs and a bit of bling and you could pass for having made a real effort!

Bottom line when you’re this “up the duff”, everything is an effort. Just getting my pants on in the morning has become a task, never mind worrying about what I’m going to wear with them!

Hot and Cold: Pregnancy Clothes To Wear When You're Pregnant

But remember:

  • Make sure you buy sensibly when it comes to these clothes, you will only need them for a short time and versatility is the main point to remember.
  • Buy clothes that can be worn day and night, with each other and with other items in your wardrobe, or maybe even for a few weeks after bub is born.
  • Make sure you invest in a few good quality items that are specifically designed for pregnancy, as you need the belly and waist support.
  • Find clothes that will stretch to accommodate your expanding figure and then shrink back as you lose the baby weight.

And one last word of advice, from one mum to another, if someone offers to drop your older kids to school, pick up some groceries or nip to the chemist to warrant a day spent in your PJ’s, take them up on it!

Clancy Briggs is a mum of three (with another one on the way) and a wife to one from Perth, Western Australia. When not up the duff she loves nothing more than a straw in a bottle of wine and admits to probably swearing a bit too much on an everyday basis. She can usually be found writing somewhat controversial content for SAHM, running her gorgeously feral children around in her new mini-bus or having a whinge about the lack of chocolate in her cupboard!

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