Finding Out Your Babys Sex

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Finding Out Your Babys Sex

Who doesn’t love surprises? But what about big ones like what sex is the baby you’re having? Does it mean you’re a control freak or don’t like surprises if you want to find out? Of course not. Well, especially the bit about not liking surprises.

Finding Out Your Babys Sex |  Stay at Home MumFor some, it’s about being organised. Planning the baby room, stocking up on clothes and nappies or gift suggestions are all made easy once the colour scheme can be decided.

Others like to find out early to settle on a name and start to call baby by name whenever talking to baby in the belly or about baby. Some parents-to-be find this a great way to bond with their new baby and connect to the reality of imminent parenthood.

Always dreamt to hear the words “IT’S A ____!”or just love surprises? Perhaps not finding out is much more your style then.

Sometimes despite your best intentions, fate conspires against you; the baby is not sitting in a position where the sex is clear or appears to be modestly covering their privates, or the ultrasound operator is more forthcoming than you would have liked.

It is hard these days to make the decision with ultrasound technology so advanced you can take home a 4D image of your baby, which is as realistic as a photo and can help connect visually with your new baby.

More and more, couples are opting to find out. Those left holding out for the surprise are met with disbelief, shock even at their decision. They feel that there are so few surprises in life, not finding out baby’s sex is one they can enjoy.

But what if you and your partner can’t agree whether to find out or not? Well, you’ll really have to sort that out amongst yourselves. Finding out does not mean you’re a control freak, generally you just want to be more organised and not Finding Out Your Babys Sex |  Stay at Home Mumfinding out will not turn you into a peace loving hippy. Finding out the sex of your new baby is a very personal decision and no matter what your reasons are, you need to do what is best for you.

Krissy Hacker is a wife and Mama of 2, mad gardener, crafty lady, confectioner and fabulous cook. Keen on old school ways of doing things she’d do anything to get out of housework!

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