Mums Who Orgasm During Childbirth

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Mums Who Orgasm During Childbirth

Mums who orgasm during childbirth were three times more likely to have an uncomplicated vaginal delivery according to a recent study. If you’re dreading labour because you think it will be painful, this news might come as a relief! It’s still early days in terms of understanding the link between orgasm and delivery, but it looks like having an orgasm could help your body to relax and get the job done quicker.

So if you’re lucky enough to experience one during childbirth, go with the flow! And don’t forget to let us know how it goes…

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Giving birth is a momentous occasion for any mother, but did you know that some women experience orgasm during childbirth? Yes, it’s true! Although it’s not exactly common, it’s definitely a thing. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the phenomenon of orgasmic childbirth and find out why it happens. Stay tuned!

While picturing a woman during childbirth you think more along the lines of excruciating pain, exhaustion and primal screaming. Something you never expect to hear is the word “orgasmic”.

Well, guess what, for some lucky women it does happen, and more often than you think.

A 2013 study by French psychologist Thierry Postel revealed that about 0.3 per cent of births are orgasmic, also known as ecstatic births.

Only Natural – Apparently!

Shamanic birthkeeper, Avalon Darnesh, believes birth is the ultimate sexual experience saying it is natural that our sexual organs can experience pleasure during the process. She not only guides women on how they can experience ecstatic birth, but has also experienced it herself.

“There are ways that you can prepare yourself for an orgasmic birth, because it’s all about energy flow and sexual energy,” she says. “Our culture removes sexuality from birth, but birth is sexuality.”
“Being somewhere safe and comfortable, being with people you are comfortable with. Just being safe and warm, similar to an environment where you would enjoy to make love,” says Avalon.
“Often people think of an orgasm as a peak experience, but from a more tantric perspective orgasm is a state that you can get into which is very ecstatic and blissful. It may or may not include that peak orgasm.”

Embarrassed Mum Shares Her Story

Emily Tait shared, “I had been in the bath and then they got me out so that they could see how I was progressing, then when I was on the table I felt the urge to push,” she recalls. Midwives were really laid back and said ‘so push’ and my daughter was crowning almost immediately. I was definitely in pain with an intense burning sensation.

But then as I kept pushing I realised that I was having an orgasm – not like ones I usually have – but definite clitoral action.”“Being British I was really embarrassed and hoped that it hadn’t been obvious to the midwives. I didn’t even tell my husband until months after the birth.”

This Mother Experienced Her First Orgasm During CHILDBIRTH

Debra Wakefield, shared her experience with Daily Mail Australia, saying: ‘It was this whole body rush, this intense feeling of pleasure that came over me during the birth.’

Ms Wakefield, who is a midwife and certified hypnobirthing practitioner at Empowered to Birth, revealed she had her first sexual encounter at the age of 19 and shortly afterwards she became pregnant. ‘At 34 I was not hugely sexually experienced. I had not experienced an orgasm having sex,’ she said. During her third experience of childbirth, something unexpected happened.

‘It was this whole body rush, this intense feeling of pleasure that came over me during the birth,’ she said, ‘I thought “oh my goodness, what was that?” It was just so beautiful. It was exquisitely intense pleasure – something I did not understand. Something I had never expected.’

Mum Admits She is “Addicted to Labour”

In 2016 Lana, told NEWS, that she is totally addicted to labour and childbirth and would do it over and over again if she could.

“You get to the hospital; it’s like a movie. You’re rushing, there are nurses, and it’s a whole new experience. You get into the labour room and it all begins. You hear women from a distance, screaming and shouting and you start freaking out. “When it happens you’re in so much pain that the feeling of the baby coming out actually feels good.
“During my first experience I was in labour for eight hours, natural birth, only took happy gas. The feeling was like nothing I’ve felt before and I loved it. “I want the labour without the pregnancy. It’s the thrill of it, it’s exciting. “The water breaking, pushing the baby out, it’s all amazing.”

Doula Explains Why Orgasm during Childbirth Can Occur

A doula from Birthing Brave, Chelle Luke, says “Physiologically, birth and sex operate almost identically. If you look at hormones at play, oxytocin, endorphins, adrenalin, the anatomy involved, brain activity and nerve receptors that are firing… it’s all there ready for women to drop into and surrender to.”

Chelle added, “In our society, we have been conditioned to think that labour is something women have to endure; it’s painful, frightening, in a foreign environment, with strangers coming in and out of your room, talking loudly, interrupting your flow and yelling at you to push when your baby is about to be born.”

What the Experts Say About Orgasm During Childbirth

Barry Komisaruk, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, explained to LiveScience: ‘It’s stimulation of the birth canal, stimulation of the cervix, the vagina and the clitoris and uterine contractions. ‘A lot of women say during sexual orgasms uterine contractions feel pleasurable.’ ‘When the baby’s coming down the birth canal, remember, it’s going through the exact same positions as something going in – the penis going into the vagina, which often leads to orgasm,’ agreed author Dr Christiane Northrup.

As well as stimulating the erogenous zones, the experience produces many of the same chemical reactions in the body as arousal does. Endorphins, and oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’, that are produced during orgasms, also flood women’s brains during birth.

Women can orgasm during childbirth, lasting an average of 10-15 seconds each time. Dr Komisaruk and his colleagues found that sexual stimulation and orgasm reduce sensitivity to pain, meaning that enjoying birth sexually could make the experience far less of an ordeal.

How to Have an Orgasmic Birth?

If having an during childbirth sounds appealing to you, you may want to consider having a home delivery. According to sociologist and clinical sexologist, Sarah Melancon, PhD, orgasmic births are more likely to happen in a home environment because women will feel a sense of safety, trust, and privacy.

Why? Intentional orgasm during childbirth typically requires masturbating or having sex. And it goes without saying that in a hospital, privacy is hard to come by. Also for safety reasons, do so before your water has broken. After that point, it could increase your risk of infection.

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