Would You Like A Push Present?Pink revealed her 'unconventional' push present from Carey Hart and the internet is all over it.

Recently a friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

Nothing unusual, just another friend having a baby, maybe a little more special because this one was her first. Texts and Facebook messages flooded in, visitors where received, as were dozens of gifts that usually accompany the birth of one’s first child. But it was not just the baby that everyone was admiring, as she was not the only recent addition to my friend’s welcoming arms.

One could not ignore the flashy bling bling on her finger as she passed the baby around, a gift from her adoring husband in recognition and admiration of a job well done in birthing the first of his offspring.

After enduring the pain and suffering of pregnancy and labour, the ‘push present’ appears to be replacing the good old bunch of carnations from hubby. By definition, it is a present a father gives to the mother of his child to mark the occasion of giving birth and can be given before, after, or even during birth.

Although the term ‘push’ is indicative of a vaginal delivery, women who deliver via c-section are definitely not excluded from this mildly controversial trend.

Most Australian women are yet to embrace the popularity of the push present (probably because although they have a catchy name, it’s a mental picture we didn’t want to paint), but in the good old US of A, these gifts bestowed upon mothers by the fathers of their babies are all the rage. And why not?

Most women are all for the idea of getting spoilt after giving up alcohol, and their bodies, for nine months. So what does one buy for the push present expectant mum?

Would You Like A Push Present? | Stay At Home MumThe top most amazing push presents ever given (usually, by celebrities) include:

  • Jewellery – tops the list and includes rings, bracelets and cute little charms for Pandora bracelets
  • Family friendly holiday – because packing all that newborn/infant/toddler crap to go on a holiday is what you want to be thinking about right now!?!
  • Feeding chair – with ottoman of course
  • The latest iPhone or equivalent – all pre-loaded with Mummy friendly apps
  • A new car – now, in my own defence, my hubby was forced to forgo his 40th birthday Harley Davidson in favour of the giant Kia Carnival people mover he purchased on the arrival of our fourth little ‘blessing’.

Recently, Pink gave birth to her second child with Carey Hart.

Would You Like A Push Present? | Stay At Home Mum

The singer gave birth last December to a beautiful baby boy and guess what she got as a push present?

A super cool handmade motorcycle. Would You Like A Push Present? | Stay At Home Mum

Carey built it himself so that’s got to be an extra special gift. Such an unconventional push present, don’t you think?

Whilst most people would argue that the baby is gift enough when you give birth, there is nothing wrong with showing the mother of your child a little appreciation after enduring labour (let’s face it, it’s not the most enjoyable way to spend your day) but, as usual, everyone has their own opinion when it comes to giving these ‘birth baubles’.

Some believe it’s a marketing ploy aimed at consumerism and the desire of ‘normal’ people to keep up with celebrities, some believe it’s just another way for people to compete in the parenting world before you even leave the maternity ward, and some couples think it’s just plain nice to give gifts.

Would You Like A Push Present? | Stay At Home Mum

Whatever way you look at it, the giving and receiving of a push present is a choice made by the those involved. Mind you, had I received a significant amount of sugar on my finger when I gave birth to my kids, we would probably have a hell of a lot more!

What are your thoughts? Did you get a push present?

Would you like one?

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