Real Life Reasons Women Choose Abortion

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Real Life Reasons Women Choose Abortion

An article that came out of yesterday quoted that the most common age group for women seeking to have an abortion was now in the 40-45-year-old age group.  When you think about who is the type of woman to go through such a thing, thoughts usually go to the young woman in the 15 – 25 age group.  Women who have their whole lives in front of them and maybe got into a relationship that has no future.

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But it is the older age group who is having ‘change of life’ pregnancies.  They have often finished their families and presume they are no longer fertile. They are having abortions for a variety of reasons including financial stress, no longer wanting to add an additional child to the family, or embarrassment about their age.

A recent question of interest come up on Ask Stay at Home Mum:  Why did you get an abortion – and do you regret it?

20 Real Life Reasons Women Choose Abortion | Stay at Home Mum

Reasons range from failure of birth control through to bad relationships.

Please zip over to Ask Stay at Home Mum to join in the conversation – it is TOTALLY ANONYMOUS.  It is a topic that should be discussed openly and honestly and we encourage you to share your story.

For more information on Abortion in Australia, check out our article.

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