School Drop-Off RantPull forward makes sense

How safe is your child at school? “Pull forward” is the essential rule to keep your child safe from vehicles around the school.

Some kids take buses in going to school but usually parents bring their child at school to make sure of their safety. But there are some irresponsible parents who just let their child out of the car even before reaching the parking area. Schools have their pick up and drop off lane but some parents don’t utilize it. Parents do so because it is somewhat time consuming to them, like something is more important than their child’s safety. Those drop off areas are there for a reason and mainly it’s for safety of the people.

If you don’t take your child in to the school’s drop off area, I’m pretty sure that paying attention to your child while leaving the car won’t take up much of your time. Dropping them on the proper lane allows them to learn from you. They would know that place would be much safer compared to be dropped off anywhere in the road. Pulling your child forward is the most important rule in dropping off and picking up your child.

Don’t let them get their other things like backpack in the other door of the car. You should be responsible in doing so, after that, get your child inside the car and pull forward, that’s the basic rule. Let this school drop-off rant serve as a reminder for us every time we take our kids to school.

School Drop-Off Rant
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Remember, it’s always a better feeling when we know our kid is in school safely rather than opposite thoughts getting the best of us. If they’re in a rush to go outside the car, explain to them why you can’t pull over right away. Explain that you’re just looking out for them and how safety is very much important.

When it comes to our children, always remember, safety first.

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