How To Buy Kids ShoesTips and Tricks to Getting the Right Shoes for Your Kids

The end is near and school is almost upon us!

However, before we get to the finish line, there is still a few weeks to go. If your children’s shoes are starting to wear thin then it is a good idea to take the break to buy a new pair. Buying new shoes shouldn’t be something you have to do every school term (unless your child is growing at the rate of a super hero) but it is a good idea to purchase a pair of shoes designed to go the distance and last your kids throughout the term, the summer and into the next school year.


Ensuring the Right Fit 


As I was happy to discover at most shoe stores, it costs nothing to have feet fitted for the right shoe, and it only takes only a few minutes.

There are a lot of tricks when it comes to selecting the right shoe for your feet, as I learned during my shoe fitting. If you can push your whole finger down to the sole in front of the foot, it’s too big. If your child is in between sizes (current is too small, next size up is too big), look at going up a size and putting in shoe inserts or using thick socks. One other point to remember is that different brands of shoes will fit differently, so it depends on your child’s foot as to finding the best fit. Some brands are better for wider feet; some are good for high archers. A good fitting shoe will last longer than an ill fitting shoe.

Taking Care of Your Shoes and Making Them Last


The average shoe will withstand 1,000kms of walking in its lifetime which is around six to twelve months. When you are spending $50 to $200 on a pair of shoes, you want to keep them looking great. So, here are some tips from SAHMs:

  • Keep the shoes out of the weather (ie not at the bottom of the trampoline or out in the rain)
  • Try and encourage your child to undo their laces before taking off their shoes – this stops too much wear and tear on the eyelets.
  • Get a good shoe lube or polish. Give the shoes a good going over regularly – especially the toe area where it tends to get scuffed.
  • If your wardrobe is damp, use a few chalk sticks or dehumidifiers to keep out the mould and mildew.
  • Believe it or not, but shoes like to be worn. Regular use of the same shoes keep them supple (especially if they are leather). If shoes are left unworn in the cupboard, they tend to go brittle over time.

Think Comfort


We’ve all had to wear a pair of shoes that leave your feet aching and blistered at the end of the day, and often, you are only walking around an office! Now, think about all the activity your kids do – running to the bus, climbing at the park, playing sport, throwing the ball in the backyard, racing after the dog…It’s critical that your kid’s feet are being protected.

What’s your best tip for buying kids shoes?

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