6 Tips On How To Get Ready For The Start Of School

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6 Tips On How To Get Ready For The Start Of School

Getting into routine for the start of school means the year is now really under way.

Another year down, another school year will begin.

Make this your year of organisation by actually getting ready for the start of school before the first bell rings. Whether this is your first time dealing with the whole school thing or you are a veteran, the first few days and weeks can be quite hectic if you are not prepared.

Here are some tips on how to get ready for the start of school!

1. Test out uniforms.

Many state and private schools have a uniform code in place. What this means is that your child cannot rock up to school on the first day in a pair of shorts and a singlet. You need to dress him in a certain colour. Most uniforms consist of a shirt, shorts or dress, socks and black shoes. However, every school is different. Furthermore, many schools will also have a sporting uniform for physical education. Make sure you have both sets of uniforms in place. Don’t assume that your kids can simply wear last year’s uniforms either. Take the time to check the outfits for holes and other serious problems and have your children try on their old uniforms to ensure they still fit.

2. Adjust sleep time.

One of the hardest habits to break about summer vacation is sleeping in and staying up late. You may have gotten into a routine of letting the kids stay up an hour later than normal and letting them sleep until whenever. Start by adjusting bedtime a little bit earlier each night for two weeks before school starts to get them back into a normal school routine.

3. Practice your morning routine.

Getting ready in the morning can be hard at the best of times. When you have to rush yourself and your kids out the door by a certain time, then you need to have a particular schedule in place. Every family and every child is different. Your child may be able to get up, get dressed, have breakfast and be out the door in ten minutes or it may take them over an hour to do this. Work backwards when establishing a morning routine to determine the best waking up time. Avoid missing the bus or getting stuck in rush hour traffic and missing the bell by planning to be up and out of the house at school time for at least a week before the first day.

4. Stock up on school lunch and snacks.

When the kids are home all the time, it’s easy to whip up a snack or a yummy lunch from the comfort of your kitchen. However, with school approaching, you will need to think in advance by planning meals, snacks and lunches that will work for school. Avoid foods that need to be refrigerated, foods that can get mushed up or foods that do not travel well. You can look for pre-packaged snacks designed for school lunch boxes or check into different recipes online. You may even want to pre-bake and individually wrap a few batches of muffins, cookies and other healthy treats in advance.

5. Check your school supplies.

Grab a list of school supplies that your child will need and make sure you have all of these things. You may be able to find some of these items in your home or in last year’s stuff but there is a good chance you will need to hit the shops and grab a few bits and pieces before the start of school.

6. Go over the rules.

Finally, prepare your children for the start of school by brushing up on the basic rules in school, such as putting their hand up when they need to ask a question, putting their bag away, cleaning up their toys, washing their hands and sharing their things. Whether your child has been in a school environment or not, it can be easy to let these basic rules slide when summer approaches. All children will benefit from a little practice before the big day approaches.


How do you get ready for the start of school?

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