How to Help Your Kids with Education After Quarantine

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How to Help Your Kids with Education After Quarantine

After weeks of lockdown and school closures, kids have gradually started returning to school.

While the return to full-time learning is an exciting prospect for both parents and teachers, experts warn that this transition isn’t going to be easy. Kids have gotten used to studying at home with limited contact with their teachers and friends.

While these learners will experience some difficulty getting back to the program, parents can greatly contribute to getting them back up to speed with their education. Here’s how you can help kids transition back to learning after quarantine.

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Set-up school day routines for your kids

Before your kids get back to class, you can re-establish school day routines to help them get back up to speed with what they were used to. It may be necessary to remind them how to organize their lunchbox, bags, school uniforms, and books.

It may take some time for kids to re-adjust from learning at home to getting back to class, but with parent’s their parents’ help, they’ll eventually get there. You can adopt a timetabled structure similar to that in their schools to avoid disrupting their routine.

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Establish a learning space in your home

You can set up a learning space in your home that caters to your child’s individual needs. Get an area in your house where your little one can be able to focus on their studies. Your learning space doesn’t have to be similar to others since each child has their way of learning.

This learning space in your home should be safe for your kid to focus on learning. There’s no limit to where the learning space may be.

You may also feel free with helping kids with homework, whether they’re sitting at a table or lying on the ground.

However, limit things that can easily distract them like turning off the TV and switching off their phones.

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Re-establish good sleeping habits

Staying at home during the quarantine period has greatly disrupted kid’s sleeping habits.

Since many kids got used to going late to bed and waking up very late, getting back to their school routine would be difficult for them.

Cute kid sleeping on couch | Stay at Home will work hard to help get rid of these habits if they want to help their kids with their education. We all know that sleep is important. When you don’t get enough shuteye, you simply don’t feel good. You’re cranky and in a bad mood. You might eat less healthy foods. You have less patience. You’re more forgetful and less cautious. And the list goes on.

To help your kids, you can gradually start adjusting the time they go to bed and wake-up. You can do this two weeks or ten days before they go back to school. Doing this will help your little ones reset their body clocks and regulate their sleeping patterns.

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Have a conversation with your kids about what to expect

Your kid’s education not only involves reading books but also mingling with their age mates at school. Quarantine has physically isolated them from their school friends for months, and it’s necessary to get their minds back to the classroom setting.

You can psychologically prepare your kids by talking to them about what to expect when they get back to school.

Besides having to adjust to spending an entire day at school instead of home, kids will have to get used to the new rules imposed due to COVID-19.

They’ll have to get used to washing hands regularly and observing social distance rules.

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Help them, but don’t get in the way

You can help your child with suggestions and answer their questions if they’re finding it difficult to complete a particular task. However, you shouldn’t get in the way and let them complete these tasks by themselves.

You can also work with your child to get a solution, especially if they don’t know the answer. By doing this, you can allow your kids to take control of their learning and not overly depend on you.


The quarantine situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has created one long holiday for kids. Whether you’ve been homeschooling your kids or not, helping them transition back to the classroom isn’t going to be easy. Besides using the above tips to help your kids with their education, you can take advantage of the social distancing restrictions to ease them back into a post-quarantine life.

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