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Before kids threw tantrums over gadgets, we begged our parents for, guess what.. SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

Multi tip pencils, colourful pens and scented erasers. Believe it or not, we actually threw tantrums for THIS. Oh how we loved going to school everyday and our classmates would gasp at the sight of a new pink pencil case.

It was a great decade for a kid. During the 90’s it was best to say that it’s so cool to be in schoolschool!

Here are some of the things that we’ve considered GOLD during our time. We fervently hope that they could somehow bring some of these back:

These jumbo multi-coloured pens that we tried to push down all at once.
The Definitive List Of School Supplies That Made 90s Kids So Badass


Or these syringe pens that we’ve tried to scare each other off with.

 The Definitive List Of School Supplies That Made 90s Kids So Badass | Stay At Home Mum


But these jelly rollers are what I really long for. They glide on smoothly and are really pastel-y!

Stay At Home Mum

I want every colour there is!

We also scrounged under our beds for every missing piece of these babies.

And we put all our pens, pencils, erasers and whatnot inside these



Or these. Hint: It may look small, but it has a lot of contents inside.


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