What’s Inside The School Bag of A 90’s Kid? (Page 3)Are your favourites included on the list?

And I mean MORE!


Can you see the trend now? Everything is in technicolour! Even erasers!



There were also pastel ones. Hint: These ones smelled so good!


These could also be a substitute for your Troll pencil toppers.


I remember the time when floppy disks were the total kings! Note: They only have approximately 1.5 MB storage space. HAHAHAHA!



Uh, this one is not really a school essential, but ya know it’s too cute and I can put my colourful erasers in it.



These colourful thingies are also a staple even though they were not really used inside the classroom. But, they made our backpacks fancy!



We also put out lunch and snacks in these cutesy lunchboxes that made us reminisce our favourite movies.



Speaking of backpacks, you aren’t a 90’s baby if your pack wasn’t PACKED with patches like this one.


But ya knowwww, these fragile looking squishy, shiny jelly babies were the total badass!


Do you have anything to add to the list?

It’s COOL to be in SCHOOL!


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