Where to Buy School Uniforms and School Shoes Online

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If you need to buy school uniforms or school shoes, but just can’t find the time to take Little Johnny down to Westfield, why not consider buying them online!

Once upon a time, school uniforms could only be bought from the school. And it was a pain in the arse because the school uniform shop was only open certain hours that didn’t work well with anyone! But thankfully things have changed!  Not only have uniforms become a lot more practical – but uniforms have become, well, uniform! Good, hard wearing shorts are available at a multiple of places – and you may as well save money on the ‘unbranded’ pieces of the uniform by buying the right style and colour – without the logo.

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Private schools are a bit more strict – but we have covered things for you too here in this list! Here’s your ultimate guide on where to buy school uniforms and school shoes online.

What are you looking for?

Department Stores that Ship to Your Door

Many people aren’t aware that all your favourite stores (Myer, Target etc) – have fantastic online stores, and if you spend a certain amount shipping is usually free.  PLUS if you sign up to their newsletter, there is a good chance you will get a voucher for 10% – 15% off your first purchase!  So it does pay to buy online!

Also, many stores have a much larger range online than they do in-store.  So grab a coffee and your dressing gown – and grab your kids uniforms from the following:

All these links go directly to the school uniform section!

1. Target 

Target actually has a really good online school uniform section.

2. Lowes

Lowes has a great range of school uniform basics – and your local store might even have your official school uniform.

Hint:  Use the code 10LOWES to get 10% off your online order.

3. Best and Less 

Best and Less also have a pretty good range of basic school uniforms.  They have a better range online!

4. Big W

Big W has a minimal range of basics.  But much better range online.

5. KMart

Who doesn’t love Kmart…. It is a Mum’s favourite place.  But they do have a school uniform section online too!  They have really cheap polo shirts and shorts!

6. Catch of the Day

OMG I LOVE this website – and they often have Stubbies for sale super cheap as well as school shoes! I’ve picked up school shorts for $3 – and they are still going strong after 18 months of hard wear.

7. Blank Clothing

A popular online store with great variety in all things clothing though also have a newly added category of school uniform items, all basic clothing items needed for the school year can be found on their website.

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