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Where to Buy Secondhand School Uniforms in Good Condition

We all know that school costs add up and can really get out of hand.  Uniforms are a great place to not only save money, but to be environmentally friendly by re-using pre-loved uniforms in good condition, rather than buying brand new.

Of course there are all the Facebook Buy Swap and Sell Sites, and many schools have their very own Secondhand School Uniform Store (which is worth checking out).  But now there are more and more sustainable school uniform shops popping up that focus on just that – selling preloved school uniforms inexpensively!

Children Leaving School For The Day

The Uniform Exchange

Secondhand school items to be bought or sold online, sell old uniforms that are no longer needed or buy secondhand uniforms for your school.

Sustainable School Shop

Buy and sell all secondhand school materials, textbooks and uniforms, from primary to tertiary study.


Secondhand uniforms to be bought or sold, with lay-by also included in payment options. Over 40 years in the business!


Preowned school uniforms and equipment online with great prices and ranges.

School Seconds

School Seconds is an online store where you can buy or sell secondhand uniforms with ensured quality of your purchases.

Uniform Swap Shop

Sell, swap or buy uniforms and accessories from the uniform swap shop online across Australia.

Old School Trading

Advertise your old school items to be bought online through Old School trading or search through to find your desired school uniforms other are selling.


We will be adding new businesses that focus on secondhand school uniforms as we find them, so don’t forget to book this page and look back!

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