20 Awesome Toddler Beds To Drool OverFind a variety of styles and designs- from adorable Princess Bed to Speedy Racing Car Bed

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Nothing gives any mum an exhilarating feeling than seeing how much their babies have grown.

From a little angel face to a forward not-so-little toddlers who begin to think and act independently, it feels like I’ve laboured yesterday. Everything about them has changed but still so many milestones to cherish. Their growth impacts not just our bodies especially in making our home toddler-proof where they can thrive and grow while in toddlerville.

One big change we all need to prepare for is our toddler’s transition from cot to their first big bed. Their frantic moves and tricks are no longer appropriate in cribs so you consider to purchase beds — that of course is child-proof, durable, unique and practical.

Browse through our collection of 20 creative and fun toddler beds and find bed-spiration for your (not so) little one:

1. Simple House-framed Bed

House-framed beds provide warmth and comfort for your little tyke’s bed. This has also become a modern take on the traditional four-corner beds.

toddler beds

2. Teepee Bed

Absolutely creative! Tots would definitely love the feeling to live in an Indian teepee.


3. Another cool rendition of a teepee bed

To make it look real, try putting some green carpet to make it look like grass.

toddler beds

4. Peek-a-boo Single Bunk Bed

This is one playful design for your toddlers in their nightly routine.

toddler beds

5. A Cute House-framed Sheep Pen

A cute and sleek designed house-framed bed for your little tots. Plus, it comes with a bed rail to ensure your kid’s safety.


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