20 Awesome Toddler Beds To Drool OverFind a variety of styles and designs- from adorable Princess Bed to Speedy Racing Car Bed

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Nothing gives any mum an exhilarating feeling than seeing how much their babies have grown.

From a little angel face to a forward not-so-little toddlers who begin to think and act independently, it feels like I’ve laboured yesterday. Everything about them has changed but still so many milestones to cherish. Their growth impacts not just our bodies especially in making our home toddler-proof where they can thrive and grow while in toddlerville.

One big change we all need to prepare for is our toddler’s transition from cot to their first big bed. Their frantic moves and tricks are no longer appropriate in cribs so you consider to purchase beds — that of course is child-proof, durable, unique and practical.

Browse through our collection of 20 creative and fun toddler beds and find bed-spiration for your (not so) little one:

1. Simple House-framed Bed

House-framed beds provide warmth and comfort for your little tyke’s bed. This has also become a modern take on the traditional four-poster beds.


2. Disney Princess Toddler Bed

Your baby girl will adore this Disney Princess bed, perfect for the transition from cot, to bed.  This bed fits a standard cot mattress (for easy transition) and is made from strong construction and tested to the most stringent safety standards.


Living Styles for $245.00

3. Rainbow Unicorn Toddler Bed with Canopy

A magical bed by Hello Home.  Has built in fairy lights on the canopy and is the perfect height for toddlers legs to hop in and snuggle down.  The Rainbow Unicorn bed also has protective side panels to stop little people from tumbling out of bed during the night.

Suitable for toddlers aged 18 months – 5 years.


Living Styles for $389.00

4. Dinosaur Toddler Bed with a Canopy and Storage

Rawwwwwwww!!!!!  Your little fella will be excited to transition from his cot to his brand new dinosaur bed!  Comes with a removable canopy, has underbed storage and comes with protective side panels to stop toddlers falling out of bed.  Super cute!


Living Styles for $389.00

5. Blythe Tufted Canopy Bed



Pottery Barn Kids


6. Extendable Bed by Ikea

When choosing beds, you also need to consider that your child would soon grow taller. With the impending need, this bed is the best option for practical mums since it can be pulled out to fit any child’s height. It’s made with solid wood so you’re assured this piece will sit in your house for a long time.

toddler beds

7. V8 Quattro Racing Car Bed

Your cute racing enthusiasts would love snuggling up in this bed that features a series of car sound effects and lighting system.


8. Princess Castle Bed

Any girl would dream of living happily ever after in a castle. If you’re in for some extravagance, spoil your Princess with this castle-like bed.

via www.pinterest.com
via www.pinterest.com

9. Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

I doubt if your little pirate will sail off to dreamland with this enormous and ship-like bed. It also comes with a ship’s wheel and fabric sail.

toddler beds
via www.toysrus.ca


10. DIY Toddler Bed with Slide

Fortunately, this is a picture of loving parents who just can’t resist their children’s whims. It’s creative, fun and above all, it’s accident proof.

toddler beds
via www.pinterest.com

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