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A mother who said she is ‘at the end of her tether’ with her toddler who can’t sleep through the night, has got mums sharing their tricks to get kids nodding off in no time.

A desperate mother, from Bristol, took to the Facebook page, Channel Mum her frustrations because her 18-month-old daughter is struggling to sleep through the night. She wrote: 

“Any tips on how to survive with next to no sleep? I have been running on 2-3 hours broken sleep for weeks as my 18 month old has decided to wake screaming at night for hours on end. 

“I am at the end of my tether and feel like I’m going to have a complete breakdown.”

4 Ways To Get Your Child Sleeping Through The Night

Instantly, parents everywhere felt this mum and shared their tried and tested tricks to solve the problem and FEMAIL chose four of these. So if you’re like this mum, read on!

1. Get a bigger bed

A mother shared that in her case, the size of the toddler’s cot was an issue, so it may be causing the problem and she addressed that. She explained that her daughter is a ‘bad sleeper.’

“We tried everything and nothing seemed to work. So last month we changed her into a full single bed and she has slept most nights the whole night through.

‘I think she just needed more room. May be worth considering.’

2. Try Co-Sleeping

Not a common suggestion, but one woman said that it worked for her little sister.

“Probably not the answer you’re looking for but have you tried taking her into your room for a night so she knows you are there and haven’t ‘abandoned’ her?” she suggested.

‘And maybe transferring her into her own bed before it’s time to get up so she’d used to waking up there? This is how I remember doing it with my little sister.”

4 Ways To Get Your Child Sleeping Through The Night

3. Maybe Teething?

Another mum said that babies struggling to sleep maybe teething, so try to give medicine to soothe their pain.

“How many teeth does she have, could be in pain maybe see if Calpol helps, my 1 year old has been like this for a few weeks now. And then 3 teeth broke through within 2 days of each other and has been better since.”

4. ‘Camping’ on the floor

This mum swore that getting her son to camp and sleep with her on the floor helped do the trick.

“When my son was little I used to camp out on his bedroom floor until he went to sleep then sneak out. It’s hard at first but after a couple of weeks he started sleeping through and has done since (he’s 4 now).”

These are just some of the tips shared by mums, but there are many ways to get your child sleeping through the night, it just boils down to knowing what your child needs.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

So, do you have your own tricks to get your child sleeping through the night? Share it with us!

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