12 Best Cots in Australia 2022 (To Suit All Budgets)

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12 Best Cots in Australia 2022 (To Suit All Budgets)

Discover how to find the right cot for you and your baby.

Just received the exciting news that you are pregnant with your first (or third!) baby and now stressing over what you need to furnish the nursery?

No idea what cot to buy or whether you even need one straight away?

We know that trying to find the best cot Australia has to offer can feel very overwhelming. If you want the absolute best baby bed for your little one, then we are here to help.

Table of Contents:

1. What to look for when purchasing a new cot.
2. Does the cot meet all of the standard safety standards.
3. It is easy to use for Mum and Dad?
4. Second-hand and heirloom cots
5. 12 Best Cots in Australia 2022
Best Cots in Australia

1. What to Look for When Purchasing a New Cot

When looking to purchase a cot you need to consider a few things like safety, ease of use, and size. You’ll also obviously want one that suits your style and budget.

Features to consider:

Teething strips

Teething strips are handy for a teething bub so they don’t chew and damage the cot. It mainly happens to wooden cots – and as tough as they are, they are no match for sharp little chompers.


Castors make moving the cot a lot easier if you need to rearrange the nursery or if bubs is sick and you want the cot moved to your room.


Is the cot made from a sustainable manufacturer, such as the use of plantation or FSC-certified timber. Second-hand cots are a great idea but does it meet the current Australian standards?

Convertible Cots

A must-have in our eyes. A cot that allows you to take the sides off and convert it into a small toddler bed will give you more use over time.

2. Does the Cot Meet All the Current Safety Standards

Firstly be aware that cots should be certified under the mandatory Australian safety standard AS/NZS 2172.

Also keep in mind the size of the mattress compared to the cot base.

CHOICE advises that the distance from the top of the mattress to the top of the lowest side when the dropside is closed should be at least 50cm when the base is set in the lowest position. The depth should be 30cm when the mattress base is in the upper position. The depth should also be at least 15cm when the dropside is down

Also, when you choose a mattress, make sure there is no more than a 4cm gap between the edge of the mattress and the adjacent cot side when the mattress is pushed to the opposite side, or 2cm on each side when the mattress is centred.

Gaps at the sides are a suffocation risk – your baby could roll face-first into them.

It is important that mattresses should be firm; a soft or saggy mattress can also be a suffocation hazard.

3. Ease of Use for Mum or Dad

The side of the cot that moves up and down should be secure and smooth to operate and not too heavy for you.

The side should also be low enough for you to bend comfortably over into the cot or your back might suffer, and trust us, that is not fun!

Make sure the side is at least 5cm off the floor when lowered or your baby’s feet could bang against the side or be crushed when it comes down. You definitely do NOT want that to happen!

4. Second-hand and Heirloom Cots

We know that from an environmental point of view, it’s good to reuse an old cot rather than buy a new one, and it can certainly save you some money. But, it might not be the safest option. Toxic paint anyone?!

Before using a second-hand cot check that all parts are in working order, in particular, whether the catches are too easy to undo by a child. Make sure it meets modern safety standards.

Should I keep the Second-hand Mattress?

No. Eww. Always buy a new, correctly-fitting cot mattress as an old mattress may be a SIDS risk if it’s too soft.

Watch out for Toxic paint

If it was made or repainted before 1970, a cot might be painted with lead paint, which children can chew on and swallow when they’re teething. If in doubt, strip the cot completely and repaint it.

An old second-hand cot really is unlikely to meet current standards and may have other hazards such as unsafe gaps or strangulation hazards.

5. Top 12 Best Cots in Australia 2022

The Aspen Cot in Black/Natural

RRP: $339.95

The Aspen Cot – Available in a bold black and natural colour, the simple design will fit easily into any nursery styling.

The adjustable base features a newborn setting as well, so you can raise or lower depending on your babies age and development.

This cot does not include a drop side, but it does comply with all Australian standards.

The Boori Turin Compact Cot

RRP: $399

The Boori Turin Compact Cot – Available in Barley White and Barley White & Almond.

The adjustable base features two height settings so you can raise or lower depending on your babies age and development.

You can also remove one side panel to convert it into a nursery sofa.

The Boori Turin Compact Cot also includes removable castors and is finished with a unique eco-blend bio-paint made from renewable plant extracts.

The Boori Oasis Oval Cot

RRP: $594.15

The Boori Oasis Oval Cot is available in Barley.

It has a unique curved design crafted with sustainable solid wood that is finished off in Eco-Blend Bio-Paint made from renewable plant extracts.

It has two base heights to allow for easy access to baby. Plus lockable castors and increased visibility make the Oasis the perfect alternative to traditional bedside sleepers.

The Love N Care Bordeaux Cot

RRP: $599

Love N Care Bordeaux Cot is available in Ash.

The convertible cot-bed comes complete with teething rails to protect baby’s delicate gums and a 2 position base and will easily convert to your child’s first bed when they are old enough.

2 Tone Lukas Birch Wood Cot

RRP: $669

2 Tone Lukas Birch Wood Cot is available in Soft Grey & Whitewash and also White & Whitewash.

It can also convert to a sofa by removing one side of the cot.

The Boori Silla Cream Compact Cot

RRP: $689

Boori Silla Cream Compact Cot is available in cream as pictured.

It features an adjustable base height & side panels to convert into a nursery sofa or 2 nursery chairs.

It also includes removable casters for easy mobility and is finished with a unique eco-blend bio-paint made from renewable plant extracts.

The Hudson New Zealand Pine Wood Cot

RRP: $749

The Hudson New Zealand Pine Wood Cot is available in a range of colours including, grey, white, light oak and white & oak.

Made from sustainable New Zealand forest pine it features a 3-in-1 cot and toddler conversion.

It has fixed side rails and an adjustable base.

The Grotime Marseille Cot

RRP: $799

Grotime Marseille Cot is available in Warm White.

As rattan becomes an increasingly popular home trend, the Marseille is a sweet mixture of this relaxed style and the classic cot silhouette.

It features 100% Sustainable New Zealand Timber adjustable for a Newborn Mode, Toddler Mode, and Sofa Bed conversion.

The Babyrest Tommi Cot

RRP: $819

The Babyrest Tommi Cot is available in white and white & oak.

The 3-in-1 functionality is suitable from newborn to toddler and is constructed from melamine faced chipboard laminate & MDF frame, with natural beech wood legs.

It easily converts into a toddler bed or daybed with a bed rail (not included).

The Amani Sleigh Cot

RRP: $1099

Amani Sleigh Cot is available in white or English oak.

Made from New Zealand pine wood it includes: 1 x convertible cot, and 2 x toddler rails with lockable castors and an adjustable base for your growing baby.

The single-hand drop side slides effortlessly, providing easy access to your baby without any heavy bending or lifting.

The Walnut Nifty Timber Cot with Clear Railing

RRP: $1299

Walnut Nifty Timber Cot with Clear Railing.

With a one-of-a-kind-clear side the Walnut Nifty Timber Cot also converts to a toddler bed and is sealed with a non-toxic finish.

Kaylula Sova Cot Clear with Mattress

RRP: $1479

Kaylula Sova Cot Clear & Mattress is available in white and natural.

Made from European beechwood the unique oval-shaped clear panel cot includes: 1 x convertible cot with mattress.

So these are the best cots on the market in Australia in 2022. Which one do you like the best?

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