Choosing Your Toddlers Bed

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Choosing Your Toddlers Bed

During your child’s time living in your home they will need at least two beds if not three during their growing years.  The number of beds will depend on how many rooms you have, how many children you have, even your own personal preferences.

Your Child’s First Bed

Your child’s first bed will be his or her cot. When you buy the cot for your first child my advice would be to buy the best quality one you can afford at the time. I brought a cot 11 years ago for my first daughter and it has been used constantly for the last 11 years, has seen 4 children through it and it is still in great condition. If you buy a good quality sturdy cot there is no reason your grandchildren couldn’t use it too.

Transition to a Toddler Bed

When your child gets too old for a cot they will need a toddler bed. Now this isn’t necessary – but think that many cots can be transitioned to a toddler bed without you having to go buy a new one.

Depending on your preference they can go straight to a single bed. If you want to save money on having to buy all the accessories that go with a single bed then with most cots you can remove the sliding rail and use a children’s safety bed rail. This gives them the freedom to get in and out of bed and you have a little more time to save for the single bed. Don’t forget when you upgrade size you will need a new doona, covers, sheets and blankets, and the mattress. This is all an added cost on top of the bed you might not be ready for.

Then It’s Time for a Big Bed

At around age 4 your child will be too big for the toddler bed size and will need a single bed anyway. You need to think about what your future plans are. If you want this to be the last bed you buy then plan carefully and don’t just walk in and buy the first bed you see.

Consider things like:-

  • Will we be having more children who could use this first bed as a hand me down?
  • Will the children have their own room?
  • Do you want to maximise storage capacity
  • Ceiling heights if you want bunks

There are options out there and you need to go into a store with a good idea of what you are looking for in a bed. They will try and sell you a bed you might not need.

You have the choice of timber and pipeline for your frame, both of which are good, sturdy materials. They will both last but you may want to decide what will go best in your house, and what style will suit.

Options for bed sizes are:

  • Single
  • King Single ( this is good if you are tall people as it will give a little more length room)
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King

You can also buy beds with all sorts of storage solutions. Beds with draws or trundle beds underneath for sleep overs are great for children who have their own rooms.

You can get hi-lo beds with drawers, cupboards or shelves and a pull out desk. This will optimise space for your child’s room.

Is Your Child Sharing a Room?

You can get bunks if children are sharing but make sure it meets all safety requirements.

The last option in space savers if you have the ceiling clearance is a loft bed. These are generally about 180cm high and are suitable from around 8 years and up. They can be just a bed that allows you to put furniture underneath or they can have a full desk, shelf, draws and wardrobe built in. the possibilities are endless.

So now you have an idea of what is available, do your research and buy the bed that suits your needs and budget and sleep tight.

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