Reluctant Co-SleepingBecause co-sleeping is not just for babies!

Some people love co-sleeping. They love the constant, round the clock, close bond they get to have with their child or children. They love that their baby can breastfeed themselves and have lots of family time together..

It all sounds wonderful — in theory.

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But I also remember how long it took for my husband and me to learn to share a bed comfortably. I admit I love to put my kids in their own bed and have them sleep there for the whole night whilst my husband and I also sleep the whole night with space to breathe.

I love not having my kids’ hair in my face.

My husband loves not being kicked in the groin during the night.

I love not overheating – my kids act like a little heater pushed right against me and no matter where I move, they follow.

I love not having to change the sheets of a queen size bed in the middle of the night because of an accident.

I love not being poked in the eye and asked if I am asleep or woken up with a toe up my nose.

I love being able to snuggle up to my husband during the night.

The Reluctant Co-Sleeper

There have been times throughout my career in motherhood that I have slipped into the role of the reluctant co-sleeper. When my son was a baby and would wake up screaming every night for a month, eventually I just slept with him so I became sane. When my husband is away for work, I always end up with someone sharing the bed. If one of the kids have had a bad dream, then I have lay down with them and promptly fallen asleep only to have my hubby wake me in the morning — and now for the past five months with my daughter as she can’t sleep through the night.

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This one has nearly killed me.

She used to sleep in her own bed. Slept the whole night through for twelve long hours. But now, it is two hours of sleep and then she gets up to drag mummy back to bed with her to try and go back to sleep. It can take hours for this to happen. Some nights up to 6! Some nights there’s at least 2 hours of crazy crying and screaming. So there, I am trying to co-sleep in a single bed with her just to get a couple of moments of sleep. It is not great. I can barely understand why someone would choose this option for convenience. I want my own comfy bed. I want my husband’s snores to lull me to sleep.

So where to next?

Now we have a little bed beside our bed. This way she can come into our room if she can’t sleep and go back to sleep beside me but not in my bed. So now I am a co-room sleeper. Now I am lulled to sleep by my husband, dog and daughter all snoring together. But at least I get some sleep!

There is nothing more dangerous and scary than a sleep deprived mum..

What are your reluctant co-sleeping tips?

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